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Flour Confectionery Manufacture



Flour Confectionery Manufacture

C. A. Street

ISBN: 978-0-471-19817-8 January 1991 258 Pages


As the manufacture of flour confectionery has developed from a craft, reliant on the skills of its workers, to a mechanised industry, it has become necessary to understand the principles underlying the processes involved. This book provides up to date information on the nature of raw materials, the types of equipment available and the changes which occur during processing. An objective approach to the description of products is outlined and recipes are given as possible starting points. Factors affecting the decisions of managers and technologists during development work and methods of controlling processing operations are also discussed. The subject is approached from a problem solving viewpoint, and there is a useful guide to the troubleshooting of many problems commonly encountered in the industry. The book is written for food scientists and technologists in the flour confectionery manufacturing industry. It will also be an essential source of reference for the industry's ingredient suppliers and equipment manufacturers, and for those working or studying in academic and research institutions.


Basic product ingredients.

Additional product ingredients.

Materials used in finishing.

Packaging materials.

Processing equipment.

Basic products and finished goods.

Process operations.

The chemistry and physics of cake making.

Quality control, process control and quality assurance.

Recipe and process suggestions.

Problem solving.

Flour confectionery and the future.

Appendix I: Legislation.

Appendix II: Current status of added ingredients.