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Flow Injection Analysis, 2nd Edition



Flow Injection Analysis, 2nd Edition

Jaromir Ruzicka, Elo Harald Hansen

ISBN: 978-0-471-81355-2 March 1988 528 Pages


This Second edition of the flow injection analysis (FIA) text which has become a standard in the field in four languages, is written by two pioneers in the field, who have themselves discovered many of the techniques and designed much of the equipment employed in FIA. Newly revised to account for the many recent developments in FIA, this book presents the state-of-the-art in FIA theory, techniques, and future trends. Specific topics covered include continous-flow analyzers, chemical kinetics in an FIA system, theory of dispersion related to FIA, single-line FIA manifolds, FIA determinations based on separation processes, commercially available flow-injection analyzers, the FIA laboratory--a microconduit-based pedagogical system, review of the flow-injection literature, and flow injection analysis now and in the future.


Theoretical Aspects of FIA Techniques.

Components of An FIA Apparatus.

Experimental Techniques and FIA Exercises.

Review of the Flow-Injection Literature.

Flow Injection Analysis Now and in the Future.

List of FIA References.