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Fluid-Structure Interaction: Applied Numerical Methods

Fluid-Structure Interaction: Applied Numerical Methods

Henri J.-P. Morand, Roger Ohayon

ISBN: 978-0-471-94459-1

Aug 1995

220 pages

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The aim of this book is to describe the methods leading to mechanical and numerical modelling of the linear vibrations of elastic structures coupled with internal fluids (sloshing, hydroelasticity and structural acoustics). It is characteristic of the problems under consideration that they are multidisciplinary involving structural and fluid representation and related numerical aspects. The problems are solved by direct resolution of the coupled systems by finite element methods and modal reduction procedures using the eigenmodes of ?elementary subsystems?. The numerical methods described in this book have applications in various engineering disciplines such as the automotive and aerospace industries, civil engineering, nuclear engineering and bioengineering.
Vibrations of Elastic Structures.
Linearized Equations of Small Movements of Inviscid Fluids.
Sloshing Modes.
Sloshing Under Surface Tension.
Hydroelastic Vibrations.
Hydroelastic Vibrations Under Gravity.
Acoustic Cavity Modes.
Structural-Acoustic Vibrations.
Modal Reduction in Fluid-Structure Interaction.