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Fluvial Processes and Environmental Change

Fluvial Processes and Environmental Change

Antony Brown , Timothy Quine

ISBN: 978-0-471-98548-8

May 1999

426 pages

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This volume consists of twenty chapters addressing different aspects of the theme of fluvial processes and environmental change. The overall coverage is broad; scientifically, (from modelling to alluvial dating), geographically (from arid zone flash-flooding to glacial meltwaters) and in time (from contemporary process studies to the Quaternary). The introductory chapter sets the context, which is an attempt to show how studies of fluvial processes can help us in understanding and therefore predicting the impact of environmental change on our rivers, riverine resources and landscapes. Environmental change includes both climatic factors, however caused, and human impacts on river basins. The differentiation of these two factors is discussed in several chapters whilst others take a more holistic approach. Both climatic and human factors have, and will remain, to act together and so their interactions need to be understood. Fluvial Processes and Environmental Change is divided into five sections, commencing with the slope-catchment scale and proceeding to studies of channel response, then floodplain processes and floodplain response and finally two studies from glacierised basins. The volume originated as a two-day session of the British Geomorphological Research Group and contributors from Europe, the USA and Australia were included in order to provide a wide perspective on the topic. This book will be a valuable reference for postgraduates and researchers in fluvial geomorphology, hydrology, Quaternary science, geology and environmental science.
Slope Catchment Scale.

Channel Response.

Floodplain Processes.

Floodplain Response.

Glacierized Catchments.
"This is highly useful for post-graduates and researchers in fluvial geomorphology, hydrology, quarternary sceince, geology and environmental science." International Journal of Geosciences - Environmental Geology

"...the content and breadth of this volume will make it a useful reference for a range of scholars in the environmental earth sciences..." (River Research and Applications, Vol 19(7), Dec 2003)