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Fly Fishing For Dummies



Fly Fishing For Dummies

Peter Kaminsky

ISBN: 978-0-764-55073-7 April 1998 384 Pages

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If you believe what you read, fly fishing requires the touch of a surgeon and the spirit of a Zen master. Forget about what you’ve heard about f ly fishing in the past, if you really want to learn how to fly fish all you need are the right tools, proper technique, and a positive attitude. With these essential elements you can begin to enjoy the sport of fly fishing in no time.

For those of you who have never held a fly rod, you will find enough information here to get you started. You won’t be forced to discover everything all at once. If you’re already a fly rodder, you’ll find plenty of tips and techniques that you can turn to right away without going through the basics all over again. And if you’re a master angler, you will find this book a handy reference for all kinds of questions.

Fly Fishing For Dummies explores the fun and fundamentals of fly fishing—from tying flies to reeling in your catch. Whether you’re a novice or a veteran angler, here you? 8217;ll find all the tips and tricks for choosing the right kind of gear; how and where to catch freshwater and saltwater fish; visual examples of the art of casting; and how to read the water, wade, cast, and (finally) land yourself a whopper. You’ll also find out how to:

  • Identify the best fish to fly fish for—from rainbow trout to black marlin
  • Improve your catch and release techniques
  • Continue your education through recommended references and online resources
  • Choose the right rod, reel, and gear to land the fish you are after
  • Master all the casting styles you’ll ever need
  • Tie your own flies or choose pre-made ones proven to get results
With over 150 illustrations and proven advice, Fly Fishing For Dummies is a great primer on fly fishing’s essential elements.

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PART I: The Basics.

Chapter 1: What Every Fly Rodder Needs to Know.

Chapter 2: Choosing a Rod.

Chapter 3: Reels.

Chapter 4: Between the Rod and the Fish: Hooks, Lines, Leaders.

PART II: The Fish and the Flies.

Chapter 5: Trout and the Bugs They Love.

Chapter 6: Great Mayflies (And Why Trout Love Them).

Chapter 7: Tying Flies.

Chapter 8: Great Rivers for Trout.

Chapter 9: Freshwater Fish.

Chapter 10: The Beautiful Black Bass.

Chapter 11: Saltwater Fish.

Chapter 12: Saltwater Baits and Flies That Work.

PART III: Fly Fishing Essentials.

Chapter 13: Casting and Presentation: The Heart of the Game.

Chapter 14: The Right Time and the Right Place.

Chapter 15: Catching and (Often) Releasing.

Chapter 16: The Fly Fishing Wardrobe.

Chapter 17: Knots: A Few Will Do.

PART IV: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 18: Ten Good Books for Guidance.

Chapter 19: Ten Great Reads.

Chapter 20: Ten Top Fly Fishing Magazines.

Chapter 21: Fly Fishing as an Interactive Sport.


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