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Foldamers: Structure, Properties and Applications

Foldamers: Structure, Properties and Applications

Stefan Hecht (Editor), Ivan Huc (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-31563-5

Jun 2007

456 pages

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This truly comprehensive treatise of foldamers, from synthesis to applications in bio-, material-, and nanoscience is at once an introduction to the topic, while providing in-depth accounts on various aspects clearly aimed at the specialist.
The book is clearly structured, with the first part concentrating on structure and foldamer design concepts, while the second part covers functional aspects from properties to applications. The international team of expert authors provides overviews of synthetic approaches as well as analytical techniques.
Foldamers Based on Local Conformation Preferences
Foldamers Based on Remote Intrastrand Interactions
Foldamers Based on Solvophobic Effects
Foldamer Hybrids: Defined Supramolecular Structures from Flexible Molecules
Control of Polypeptide Chain Folding and Assembly
Simulation of Folding Equilibria
Foldamer-based Molecular Recognition
Biological Application of Foldamers
Protein Design
Nucleic Acid Foldamers: Design, Engineering and Selection of Programmable Biomaterials with Recognition, Catalytic and Self-assembly Properties
Helically Folding Polymers
Polyisocyanides: Stiffened Foldamers
Foldamers at Interfaces

“Hecht and Huc have made an important contribution to the literature of foldamers. The greatest strength of their volume is that it presents the diversity and open-ended possibilities offoldamer-based research, rather than trying to rigidly categorize the field. Chemists from all subdisciplines will find it an inspiring invitation to join in solving the challenges and exploiting the potential of this fascinating arena of molecular science.”  (JACS, 2008)

""Anyone who considers joining this field, or who just wants to know what is being done in the area, will be fortunate to have the efforts of editors Hecht and Huc at hand."" (Angewandte Chemie International Edition, January 2008)

""…Foldamers is a delightful treatise on the subject area, provided that the reader is bent towards the biological realm. … Such versatility is hard to find, and the authors and editors should be commended for their hard work."" (ChemMedChem, December 2007)