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Food Frying: Chemistry, Biochemistry and Safety

Food Frying: Chemistry, Biochemistry and Safety

Alam Zeb

ISBN: 978-1-119-46839-4

Mar 2019

400 pages

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Frying of foods involves complex chemical reactions that, upon ingestion, result in several biochemical changes that have health and nutrition consequences. This book aims to cover them in four main sections.

The opening section covers the basic concepts as well as some cultural and historical considerations. Section 2 covers the important chemistry of food frying in terms of composition, reactions and consequent changes in the quality of fried foods. This section consists of four chapters addressing the chemistry of frying and fried foods and the clear understanding of the fundamental chemical reactions and interactions taking place during frying. The analyses of frying will be discussed with applied techniques for each class of compounds. This section is especially helpful for industry-based readers, offering a comprehensive look at what happens during the frying of foods.

Section 3 covers the biochemical effects and health related issues of food frying. This section consists of three main chapters dealing with the digestion, absorption, metabolism and health aspects of food frying. This section will equip the reader with details and up to date knowledge of the biochemical effects associated with food frying.

Section 4 covers food safety, which is a key topic in modern day food research. It consists of four chapters which cover the safety assessment of food frying, the toxicity of frying, how to improve how to improve the quality of fried foods and future of food frying. The reader will learn what is needed to safeguard fried foods and how to safeguard consumers from the toxicity of fried foods.


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