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Food Packaging Technology, 2 Volume Set



Food Packaging Technology, 2 Volume Set

G. Bureau (Editor), J.-L. Multon (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-18604-5 December 1995 742 Pages


Food Packaging Technology covers the development of packages and packaging systems, examining all aspects that are relevant to the processing, preservation, distribution, and marketing of virtually all types of food. The two-volume set provides an overview of the areas of science and technology that influence the packaging process, and in-depth treatment of the properties and forms of available packaging materials, emphasizing properties that can affect food quality. The work contains details all aspects of food packaging, covering not only the technical areas, but also the marketing, economic, legislative, and regulatory areas.
From the contents:

Volume 1:
The Functions of Packaging/
Risks Associated with Potential Food Contamination Caused by Packaging/
The Container and Its Closure: Physical and Chemical Properties of Packaging Materials -
Recent Developments

Volume 2:
Packaging Procedures for Finished Foodstuffs/
Some Significant Examples of Sectors of the Foodstuffs Industry Where Packaging is Changing Fast/
Methodology and Economics