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Food for the Future: Agriculture for a Global Age

Food for the Future: Agriculture for a Global Age

Joseé Boveé , François Dufour

ISBN: 978-0-745-63204-9

Sep 2005, Polity

224 pages

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It's not easy to eat well. To choose food wisely, you need to know where it comes from and how it's produced. As consumers, most of us don't know what we're getting and eating in our supermarkets and restaurants. When rumours and food scares circulate in the media, we panic. Since most of us know very little about the real state of agriculture today and the ways in which the global agricultural industry produces the foods that end up on our plates, we have no basis on which to make informed judgements.

In this important new book, José Bové and François Dufour – two men from modest farming backgrounds who have become international icons of the resistance to global capitalism – unveil the workings of the agricultural industry today and lay down the principles for the creation of a new agriculture for the twenty-first century. Following on from their international bestseller The World is not For Sale, Bové and Dufour have joined forces again to build a constructive programme for the food of the future. They seek to make available to every citizen the facts they need in order to understand the crisis of agriculture today and to see how we can move beyond it. Presenting a positive agenda for a new kind of agriculture, they lay the foundations for a renewal of trust between farmers and citizen-consumers in a way that would bring food – and the production of food – back into the heart of modern society.




Introduction. A Strategy to Rebuild Farming

Chapter 1 Sites of Memory

Chapter 2 How the Citizen Sees Farming

Chapter 3 But Where are the Peasant Farmers?

Chapter 4 The Spiral of the 'Glorious Years'

Chapter 5 The True Cost of the Common Agricultural Policy

Chapter 6 From Junk Food to Good Food

Chapter 7 An Economic Nonsense and an Ecological Aberration

Chapter 8 The Agricultural 'Titanic'

Chapter 9 How to Emerge from the Crisis. A Diagnosis and the Beginnings of a Cure

Chapter 10 Have We Learned the Lesson of the Epidemics?

Chapter 11 Food Follies and the Label Lottery

Chapter 12 Landowners, Farmers and Managers. Who Owns the Land?

Chapter 13 No to Rampant Globalization

Chapter 14 If All the Small Farmers in the World

Chapter 15 The Weapons of the Peaceful citizen

Chapter 16 Agriculture is Humanism

Chapter 17 How to Teach Children about Farming

Chapter 18 The Duties of Public Research

Chapter 19 Farming Think Tanks and International Workshops

Chapter 20 The Pillars of Peasant Wisdom

Chapter 21 A Farming Charter and a Declaration of Rights and Duties

Conclusion The Food War will not Happen

"Two French farmers, passionate about growing and eating good food, make excellent spokesmen in the crusade to raise awareness of the downward spiral of food quality as industrialisation and globalisation take over."

New Agriculturist

  • In the new book by two international icons of the resistance to global capitalism, José Bové and François Dufour, unveil the workings of the agricultural industry today.

  • Offers a polemical critique of the inherent failings of modern agriculture, and highlights the damaging effects of intensive farming and the supermarket industry.

  • Looks at the reasons for and solutions to the current phenomenon of food scares and their effects on livestock and humans alike, caused by the agricultural industry.

  • Following on from their international bestseller, The World is not For Sale, the authors set out a compelling programme of the food for the future.