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For Crying Out Loud: From Open Outcry to the Electronic Screen

For Crying Out Loud: From Open Outcry to the Electronic Screen

Leo Melamed, Craig Donohue (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-0-470-22943-9

Aug 2009

368 pages


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A follow-up to Leo Melamed on the Markets, this book covers the developments in the futures markets since 1992 and discusses their transition through the digital age. The author, a recognized founder of financial futures, details the global issues confronting the futures market. You’ll learn how financial markets have allowed investors to manage generalized risks to both reduce exposure or enhance value to capture increased profits. Additionally, you'll discover trends, technology, and products that have shaped the world of futures and options, and what the future holds.



Author’s Note.


CHAPTER 1 Countdown to Liftoff.

CHAPTER 2 Globex: The Fundamental Difference.

CHAPTER 3 EOA: The Rocket Propellant Fuel.

CHAPTER 4 E-Mini: Springboard for the Mexico Success.

CHAPTER 5 Strategic Commotion: Planning the Journey.

CHAPTER 6 Global Competition: The Ultimate Enforcer.

CHAPTER 7 Demutualization: Stepping on the Moon.

CHAPTER 8 Dot-Coming: The False Paradise.

CHAPTER 9 Cabal: Boardroom Intrigue.

CHAPTER 10 Baptism by Fire: Sweet Victory.

Postscript: Globex Time Line.


CHAPTER 11 Tomorrow’s Technological Tidal Wave.

CHAPTER 12 Wakeup Call.

CHAPTER 13 Reminiscences of a Refugee.

CHAPTER 14 The Need for Futures Markets in an Emerging World Economy.

CHAPTER 15 Panel on the Stock Market Crash of 1987.

CHAPTER 16 Preface to the Japanese Translation of Escape to the Futures.

CHAPTER 17 Pain, Progress, and Promise: Reflections on the Twentieth Century.

CHAPTER 18 There Are No Jews in Bialystok.

CHAPTER 19 Chicago Futures in the Twenty-First Century.

CHAPTER 20 Merton Miller, 1923–2000.

CHAPTER 21 Buy a Call on the Snake: Traditional Exchanges in an E-Commerce World.

CHAPTER 22 Transformation of Futures Exchanges.

CHAPTER 23 Our Middle Name.

CHAPTER 24 CME Center for Innovation.

CHAPTER 25 Remarks at the Celebration of the Chinese-Language Publication of Escape to the Futures.

CHAPTER 26 Knowledge Tag.

CHAPTER 27 CME Fred Arditti Award.

CHAPTER 28 Math Is in Our Futures.

CHAPTER 29 If It’s Good Enough for Milton.

CHAPTER 30 Education: The Only Thing that Never Fails.

CHAPTER 31 The Boy of Steel.

CHAPTER 32 CME: The House that Innovation Built.

CHAPTER 33 The Law of Selective Gravity.

CHAPTER 34 The Gray Swan.


APPENDIX 1A The Third Milestone 263

APPENDIX 1B Letter to Milton Friedman 268

APPENDIX 3A It’s Time for a Change 270

APPENDIX 3B A Brief Who’s Who of the Members of the Equity Owners’ Association.

APPENDIX 3C A Merged Future for Two Exchanges?

APPENDIX 3D The Merc Fights for Self-Regulation.

APPENDIX 3E Dear Equity Owner.

APPENDIX 3F Equity Owners’ Association Status Report.

APPENDIX 3G Creating a New Alliance—Why Here and Now?

APPENDIX 4A Chairman Emeritus Remarks.

APPENDIX 4B Open Letter to the Members of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

APPENDIX 4C A Return to the Table.

APPENDIX 8A James J. McNulty Joins CME as President and Chief Executive Officer.

APPENDIX 8B CME Names McNulty New President and CEO.

APPENDIX 9A Chicago Mercantile Exchange Holdings Inc. Board Elects Officers.

APPENDIX 9B Letter to Audit Committee from Scott Gordon.

APPENDIX 19A Futures’ Future Isn’t in Chicago.


About the Author.


"Focuses on the dramatic transformation of trading that occurred during the 10-year period spanning 1996 to 2006, when, by and large, the modern futures exchange was born. . . Particularly enjoyable are the colorful trading stories from Melamed's many decades at the exchange, such as the night of the 1987 stock market crash when one of the exchange's largest players had an immense margin call, and Melamed himself was forced to call the firm's chief executive to demand payment. "We are the Chicago Mercantile Exchange," Melamed recalls saying on that 2 a.m. call. "And you owe us a billion dollars" . . . In an industry full of colorful characters and inspiring stories, Leo Melamed stands out. His latest book is a satisfying read for traders, innovators or young minds in search of their own American dream." (

"Chicago's success in the financial markets has gotten short shrift. That's too bad, because it's a great story. . . Leo Melamed has been at the heart of the tale for more than 40 years . . " (The Wall Street Journal)

"After reading the book For Crying Out Loud: From Open Outcry to the Electronic Screen, one feels like he or she has received a personal tour of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange from the founder of financial futures himself, Leo Melamed. . . [the book] leaves readers with a feeling that they better understand the dynamics and values of the exchange and its members. And who better to have at your side on this historical journey than the man who stood at the helm, guiding the exchange every step of the way?" (SFO magazine)