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Forecasting with Judgment

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Forecasting with Judgment

George Wright (Editor), Paul Goodwin (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-85939-1 November 2000 314 Pages

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E-Book Rental (150 Days)


This book provides research on the human element in forecasting. It focuses on how we can improve our ability to accurately forecast.
Judgment: Its Role and Value for Strategy (S. Makridakis & A. Gaba).

Scenario Planning: Scaffolding Disorganized Ideas about the Future (K. van der Heijden).

Judgmental Forecasting and the Use of Available Information (M. O'Connor & M. Lawrence).

Enhancing Judgmental Sales Forecasting: The Role of Laboratory Research (P. Goodwin).

Heuristics and Biases in Judgmental Forecasting (F. Bolger & N. Harvey).

Financial Forecasting with Judgment (D. Önkal-Atay).

Reasoning with Category Knowledge in Probability Forecasting: Typicality and Perceived Variability Effects (G. Browne & S. Curley).

The Use of Structured Groups to Improve Judgmental Forecasting (G. Rowe).

How Bad Is Human Judgment?

(P. Ayton).

Integration of Statistical Methods and Judgment for Time Series Forecasting: Principles from Empirical Research (J. Armstrong & F. Collopy).