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Foreign Exchange: An Introduction to the Core Concepts

Foreign Exchange: An Introduction to the Core Concepts

ISBN: 978-0-470-82145-9

Jun 2008

250 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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Each book in the series cuts through the jargon and mystique of the financial markets to give the reader a clear picture of how and why these markets function as they do.

Key features include:

clear definitions of financial terms

worked examples of transactions and contracts

summaries and overviews

valuation techniques

quick Quiz questions to reinforce the learning experience

strip cartoons to explain complex trades

entertaining cartoons from Alex to lighten the load

war stories and anecdotes from Mark Mobius based on his remarkable experiences

other Resources section to guide the reader to other useful books, websites and reference material


1. The History of Money: Barter and Ancient Trade.

2. The History of Foreign Exchange Markets.

3. Who Uses Foreign Exchange?

4. The International Monetary System.

5. The Global Foreign Exchange Market.

6. Exchange Rates and their Movements.

7. Foreign Exchange Products.

8. Hedge Funds and Foreign Exchange.

9. Review of the Past and Looking to the Future.

Appendix: ISO Currency Codes.

Quick Quiz Answers.