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Forensic Psychology and Law

Ronald Roesch, Patricia A. Zapf, Stephen D. Hart

ISBN: 978-0-470-09623-9 December 2009 384 Pages


Praise for Forensic Psychology and Law

"In Forensic Psychology and Law, three internationally known experts provide exceptional coverage of a wide array of topics that address both the clinical applications of forensic psychology and the role of psychological science in understanding and evaluating legal assumptions and processes."
—Norman Poythress, PhD, Research Director and Professor, Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute, Dept. of Mental Health Law and Policy

"Forensic Psychology and Law is a major contribution to the teaching of law and psychology. Roesch, Zapf, and Hart offer a timely, comprehensive, and succinct overview of the field that will offer widespread appeal to those interested in this vibrant and growing area. Outstanding."
—Kirk Heilbrun, PhD, Professor and Head, Department of Psychology, Drexel University

"In this volume, three noted experts have managed to capture the basic elements of forensic psychology. It is clearly written, well organized, and provides real world examples to hold the interest of any reader. While clarifying complex issues, the authors also present a very balanced discussion of a number of the most hotly debated topics."
—Mary Alice Conroy, PhD, ABPP, Psychological Services Center, Sam Houston State University

A Comprehensive, Up-to-Date Discussion of the Interface Between Forensic Psychology and Law

Forensic Psychology and Law covers the latest theory, research, and practice in the field and provides thought-provoking discussion of topics with chapters on:

  • Forensic assessment in criminal and civil domains
  • Eyewitness identification
  • Police investigations, interrogations, and confessions
  • Correctional psychology
  • Psychology, law, and public policy
  • Ethics and professional issues

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Preface vii

Acknowledgments ix

Chapter 1 Introduction to Psychology and Law: Civil and Criminal Applications 1

Chapter 2 Forensic Assessment in Criminal Domains 29

Chapter 3 Civil Forensic Assessment 59

Chapter 4 Forensic Treatment 97

Chapter 5 Eyewitness Identifi cation 119

Chapter 6 Police Investigations, Interrogations, and Confessions 147

Chapter 7 Juries and Legal Decision Making 173

Chapter 8 Juveniles in the Legal System 207

Chapter 9 Police Psychology 239

Chapter 10 Correctional Psychology 269

Chapter 11 Psychology, Law, and Public Policy 299

Chapter 12 Ethics and Professional Issues 323

Author Index 341

Subject Index 351

  • Focuses on aspects of forensic psychology students need to know, not the sensationalistic aspects promoted in the media
  • Puts concepts in context with case studies in every chapter and comparisons to practice in other countries and cultures
  • Written by experts in the field to be accessible to students new to the field
  • Power point slides and Instructor's Manual available to make teaching and learning easier