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Forest Nutrition Management

Forest Nutrition Management

Dan Binkley

ISBN: 978-0-471-81883-0 October 1986 304 Pages


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An integrated treatment of forest nutrition management that draws on the fields of silviculture, soil studies, ecology, and economics to provide broad-based information on how to enhance the nutritional status of forest soils in order to increase their long-term stand productivity. Covers the use of fertilizers to enhance biological nitrogen fixation and how the nutrition status of forests is affected by other operations, such as harvesting and site preparation. Includes methods for assessing nutrient status, the economics of nutrition management, and models to aid in decision making. Written for the non-specialist needing a clear conceptual base for applying forest nutrition science to management. Numerous examples of successful forest management illustrate concepts.
The Context of Forest Nutrition Management.

Nutrient Cycling.

The Major Nutrient Cylces.

Forest Nutrition Assessment.


Biological Nitrogen Fixation.

Harvesting, Site Preparation, and Regeneration.

Special Cases in Forest Nutrition Management.

Economics, Energetics, and Decisions.

Models in Forest Management.