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Forestry Handbook, 2nd Edition

Forestry Handbook, 2nd Edition

Karl F. Wenger (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-06227-1

Mar 1984

1360 pages

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A revised and reorganized practical reference for the working field forester, incorporating the latest information and new, improved methods in such critical areas as U.S. forest law and policy, forest taxation, cost accounting and accomplishment reporting, pesticide and environmental aspects, safety, and public involvement procedures.
Forest Ecology.

Geology and Soils.

Forest Meteorology and Climatology.

Forest Insect and Disease Management.

Fire Management.

Timber Measurements.

Timber Inventory.


Genetic Improvement of Forest Trees.


Forest Products Utilization.

Forest Hydrology and Watershed Management.

Wildlife and Fish Management.

Range Management and Ecology.

Outdoor Recreation Management.

Urban Forestry.

Analysis for Managerial Decision.

Forest Road Engineering.


Remote Sensing.

Forest Resource Law.

Management of People.

Communication and Public Involvement.


Mathematics and Statistics.