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Fortify Your Sales Force: Leading and Training Exceptional Teams

Fortify Your Sales Force: Leading and Training Exceptional Teams

Renie McClay

ISBN: 978-0-470-55290-2

Jan 2010

380 pages



How can organizations provide the right sales training to the right sales people at the right time? This book is filled with a diverse collection of case studies from top companies and provides a practical road map and the proven tools for organizations that want to implement a winning sales training program. The book offers helpful techniques and tips on how to successfully execute sales training with limited resources and cut budgets. It provides how-to guidelines for successful sales training in a down economy. It is written by 13 experts who have experience selling and have managed sales people. The contributors have combined experience of improving sales performance of over 120 years.

The book contributors are Bob Rickert, Jim Graham, Teresa Hiatt, Michael Rockelmann, Maris Edelson, Susan Onaitis, Susanne Conrad, Rick Wills, Ken Phillips, Trish Uhl, Gary Summy, Lanie Jordan, and Renie McClay.

Introduction ix

1. Invest in Your Salespeople Now 1
Bob Rickert

2. Winning Leadership Support for Sales Initiatives 23
Jim Graham

3. The Perfect Salesperson: A Guide to Building Your Dream Team 45
Teresa Hiatt

4. Develop Sales Reps Using Structured Feedback 67
Kenneth R. Phillips

5. So Many Choices: Determining the Right Solution 93
Michael Rockelmann

6. Capabilities: The Engine That Drives Success 111
Maria Edelson

7. Making Training Stick: Get Them to Use It 123
Susan Onaitis

8. Measuring the Impact: Did They Use It? 141
Gary Summy

9. Collaborative Partnership to Maximize L&D Investment 161
Susanne Conrad

10. Sales Managers: The Heavy Lifters in Training Salespeople 181
Rick Wills

11. Productive New Hires, Faster: You Don’t Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression 199
Renie McClay

12. ‘‘Raise the Roof’’ Sales Meetings 235
Lanie Jordan

13. Successfully Leading Virtual Sales Teams 261
Renie McClay

14. Media Mojo: Using Technology as a Survival Strategy 273
Trish Uhl

About the Editor 305

About the Contributors 307

Index 317