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Fortran 90 For Engineers

Fortran 90 For Engineers

Delores M. Etter

ISBN: 978-0-471-36426-9

Jan 1995

288 pages

Select type: Paperback

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This brief introductory text teaches students how to write programs in Fortran 90. It covers programming basics, and uses a five-step method for solving engineering problems.

This text is suitable for a freshman level Introduction to Programming course in Engineering. It is particularly appropriate for a course in which students will be introduced to a number of different programming languages (i.e. Fortran, C++, Java)

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Solving Problems with Fortran 90

Arithmetic Computations and Simple Programs

Control Constructs

Engineering and Scientific Data Files

Array Processing

External Procedures

Additional Data Types

An Introduction to Pointers

Appendix A: Fortran 90 Intrinsic Functions

Solutions to Try It! Exercises

Answers to Selected Problems

  • Five-step problem solving process. A five-step methodology for solving problems is used throughout the text. Each step is clearly identified to help students focus on the process of breaking a problem into smaller components and then addressing the smaller components throughout the text. The five steps are:
    1. State the problem clearly.
    2. Describe the input and the output.
    3. Work the problem by hand (or with a calculator) for a specific set of data.
    4. Develop a solution that is general in nature.
    5. Test the algorithm with a variety of data sets.
  • Key Topics Covered - arithmetic computations, control structures, array processing, external procedures, and data types, and pointers.
  • Includes real-world applications throughout.