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Forums in Clinical Aphasiology

Forums in Clinical Aphasiology

David J. Muller, Chris Code

ISBN: 978-0-470-69858-7

Apr 2008

384 pages



This work brings together a selection of Clinical Forum features from the journal "Aphasiology". The fora are designed to cover issues in clinical aphasiology which are central, topical and controversial. Each forum concerns a main article and a number of commentaries.
Part 1 Issues in Clinical Aphasiology, Reapportioning Time for aphasia Rehabilitation - a Point of View, The Cognitive Cloud and Language disorders, The Relation of Aphasia to Dementia.

Part 2 Assessing for Treatment, aphasia Tests Reconsidered, Using The Pica in Clinical Practice - are we flogging a Dead Horse?, Functional Assessment of Communication - Merging Public policy With Clinical Views.

Part 3 Computers in Clinical Aphasiology, Efficacy of Aphasia Treatment Using Microcomputers, Computer-based Aphasia Treatment meets Artificial Intelligence.

Part 4 Psychosocial Issues, Aphasia and Family therapy, Losing Your Sense of Self - What Aphasia can do.

Part 5 Specific therapy Approaches for Aphasia, Group Therapy for Aphasia Patients.