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Foundational Analysis: Selecting Winning Stocks

Foundational Analysis: Selecting Winning Stocks

David S. Nassar

ISBN: 978-1-592-80177-0 March 2005


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Run Time: 81 minutes. According to legendary educator and best-selling author David S. Nassar, the mantra of trading can be cut down to a simple formula: Filter, filter, filter! Over 80% of all market participants consistently lose money. To be truly successful as a trader, you must be able to cull the superfluous noise out of the
market. In today's mediafrenzy world, there is an abundance of "market food".

This highly informative presentation teaches you how to eliminate the non-nutritional market food from your trading diet. Nassar breaks down the problem and offers specific solutions. The four
critical foundational elements outlined in this session are the key components to successful stock trading:

  • price
  • volume
  • velocity
  • time

Learn how to avoid the pitfalls that even trip up the most experienced stock traders. Nassar's expert advice and savvy tips will help you find your rhythm, build up your confidence, and turn you into a trading master par excellence. By weeding out the redundant market noise, you will soon be able to pin down your strategy to the basic essentials of trading. Anticipate the market, don't just participate!