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Foundations of College Chemistry, 15th Edition

Morris Hein, Susan Arena, Cary Willard

ISBN: 978-1-118-93014-4 December 2015 512 Pages

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Used by over 750,000 students, Foundations of College Chemistry is praised for its accuracy, clear no-nonsense approach, and direct writing style. Foundations’ direct and straightforward explanations focus on problem solving making it the most dependable text on the market. Its comprehensive scope, proven track record, outstanding in-text examples and problem sets, were all designed to provide instructors with a solid text while not overwhelming students in a difficult course.
Foundations fits into the prep/intro chemistry courses which often include a wide mix of students from science majors not yet ready for general chemistry, allied health students in their 1st semester of a GOB sequence, science education students (for elementary school teachers), to the occasional liberal arts student fulfilling a science requirement. Foundations was specifically designed to meet this wide array of needs.

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9. Calculations from Chemical Equations

10. Modern Atomic Theory and the Periodic Table

11. Chemical Bonds: The Formation of Compounds from Atoms

12. The Gaseous State of Matter

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15. Acids, Bases, and Salts

16. Chemical Equilibrium

17. Oxidation-Reduction

18. Nuclear Chemistry

19. Introduction to Organic Chemistry (ONLINE ONLY)

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