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Foundations of Multinational Financial Management, 6th Edition

Foundations of Multinational Financial Management, 6th Edition

ISBN: 978-0-470-12895-4

Feb 2008

560 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Now updated and reorganized, Alan Shapiro's Foundations of Multinational Financial Management, 6/e emphasizes broad concepts and practices, and provides a clear conceptual framework for analyzing key financial decisions in multinational firms. The text treats international financial management as a natural and logical extension of the principles learned in the foundations course in financial management. Thus, it builds on and extends the valuation framework provided by domestic corporate finance to account for dimensions unique to international finance.

Shapiro 6e is primarily intended for an undergraduate audience; but it is suitable for use in masters-level courses when there is not time to cover the full range of topics. This text assumes no prior knowledge of international finance.

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Part I: Environment of International Financial Management.

Chapter 1. Introduction: Multinational enterprise and Multinational financial Management.

Chapter 2. The Determination of Exchange Rates.

Chapter 3. The International Monetary System.

Chapter 4. Parity Conditions in International Finance and Currency Forecasting.

Chapter 5. The Balance of Payments and International Economic Linkages.

Part II: Foreign Exchange and Derivatives Markets.

Chapter 6. The Foreign Exchange Market.

Chapter 7. Currency Futures and Options Markets.

Chapter 8. Swaps and Interest Rates Derivatives.

Part III: Foreign Exchange Risk Management.

Chapter 9. Measuring and Managing Translation and Transaction Exposure.

Chapter 10. Measuring and Managing Economic Exposure.

Part IV: Foreign Markets and Investments.

Chapter 11. Country Risk Analysis.

Chapter 12. International Financing and National Capital Markets.

Chapter 13. International Portfolio Investment.

Chapter 14. Capital Budgeting for the Multinational Corporation.

Part V: Financing and Controlling Multinational Operations.

Chapter 15. Financing Foreign Trade.

Chapter 16. Managing the Multinational Financial System.



  • New coauthor, Dr. Atulya Sarin (Santa Clara University)
  • Significantly revised Table of Contents (chapters reduced from 20 to 16) to make this book more appropriate for an undergraduate course
  • Updated Mini-cases
  • Many new solved numerical problems, as well as additional questions and problems at the end of each chapter
  • All the traditional areas of corporate finance are explored—working capital management, capital budgeting, cost of capital, and financial structure—from the perspective of a multinational corporation
  • New charts and illustrations of corporate practice
  • Foundations focuses on decision making in an international context
  • This text offers a variety of real-life examples, both numerical and institutional, that demonstrate the use of financial analysis and reasoning in solving international financial problems