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Foundations of Play Therapy, 2nd Edition

Foundations of Play Therapy, 2nd Edition

Charles E. Schaefer (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-52752-8

Apr 2011

416 pages

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The landmark guide to play therapy—completely updated and revised

Edited by Charles E. Schaefer—the "father of play therapy"—Foundations of Play Therapy, Second Edition is a complete, state-of-the-art guide to the many diverse approaches to, and methods used in, play therapy practice with children and adolescents.

Featuring an expert panel of contributors, this comprehensive reference provides up-to-date and insightful coverage of all of the major theoretical models of play therapy and offers practical examples for the application of each model, including:

  • Narrative play therapy

  • Solution-focused play therapy

  • Experiential play therapy

  • Release play therapy

  • Integrative play therapy

  • Psychoanalytic approaches to play therapy

  • Child-centered play therapy

  • Gestalt play therapy

  • Family play therapy

  • Cognitive behavioral play therapy

  • Prescriptive play therapy

Written for therapists looking for guidance on how to incorporate play therapy into their practice, as well as students or those in need of a refresher on the latest methods and techniques, Foundations of Play Therapy, Second Edition is a standard-setting resource presenting pragmatic and useful information for therapists at all levels of training.


About the Editor.


Part I Fundamentals of Play Therapy Practice.

Chapter 1: Play Therapy: Basic Concepts and Practices (Julie Blundon Nash and Charles E. Schaefer).

Chapter 2: The Therapeutic Powers of Play and Play Therapy (Charles E. Schaefer and Athena A. Drewes).

Chapter 3: Playing it Safe: Ethical Issues in Play Therapy (Cynthia A. Reynolds and Laura J. Tejada).

Part II Major Theoretical Approaches.

Psychodynamic Models.

Chapter 4: Psychoanalytic Approaches to Play Therapy (Alan J. Levy).

Chapter 5: Jungian Analytical Play Therapy (Eric Green).

Chapter 6: Adlerian Play Therapy (Terry Kottman).

Chapter 7: Release Play Therapy (Heidi Gerard Kaduson).

Humanistic Models.

Chapter 8: Child-Centered Play Therapy (Daniel S. Sweeney and Garry L. Landreth).

Chapter 9: Filial Therapy: Strengthening Family Relationships with the Power of Play (Risë VanFleet).

Chapter 10: Gestalt Play Therapy (Violet Oaklander).

Chapter 11: Experiential Play Therapy (Carol C. Norton and Byron E. Norton).

Systemic Models.

Chapter 12: Family Play Therapy: Igniting Creative Energy, Valuing Metaphors, & Making Changes from the Inside Out (Eliana Gil).

Chapter 13: Group Play Therapy (Daniel S. Sweeney).

Chapter 14: Ecosystemic Play Therapy (Kevin O'Connor).

Emerging Models.

Chapter 15: Theraplay: Attachment Enhancing Play Therapy (Evangeline Munns).

Chapter 16: Solution-Focused Play Therapy:  Helping Children and Families Find Solutions (Donald R. Nims).

Chapter 17: Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy (Susan M. Knell).

Chapter 18: Narrative Play Therapy (Aideen Taylor de Faoite).

Chapter 19: Integrative Play Therapy (Athena Drewes).

Chapter 20: Prescriptive Play Therapy (Charles E. Schaefer).

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