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Foundations of Solid State Physics : Dimensionality and Symmetry

Foundations of Solid State Physics : Dimensionality and Symmetry

Siegmar Roth, David Carroll

ISBN: 978-3-527-81658-3

Mar 2019

288 pages


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This textbook introduces the canonical topics of solid state physics as taught globally with an additional focus on understanding the properties of solids from the viewpoint of dimensionality and symmetry. In a conversational tone and with only the minimally necessary amount of mathematics, the authors cover basic topics such as the static and dynamic lattice in real space, the reciprocal lattice, electrons in solids and transport in materials and devices. This is followed by more advanced topics such as the quasi-particle concept (phonons, solitons, polarons, excitons), strong electron-electron correlation, light-matter interactions and spin systems.

The authors' approach makes it possible to understand conducting polymers, carbon nanotubes, nanowires, two-dimensional chalcogenides, perovskites and organic crystals in terms of their expressed dimension, topological connectedness, and quantum confinement.

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What is dimension? How do we determine this?
One-Dimensional Substances
The Static Lattice: Order and Symmetry
The Reciprocal Lattice and Reciprocal Space
The Dynamic Lattice
Electrons in Solids
Transport and the Device
Intermission and the Quasi-particle
Electron-Phonon Coupling and the Peierls Transition
Solitons, Polarons and Excitons: Molecular Electronics
Electron-Electron Correlation
Optical Interactions and the Dielectric Model
Spin, Spin Systems, and Magnets
Applications of Low-Dimensional Systems