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Foundations of Special Education: An Introduction



Foundations of Special Education: An Introduction

Michael Farrell

ISBN: 978-0-470-75396-5 July 2009 328 Pages


A unique cross-disciplinary critique of the foundations of Special Education.
  • Covers legal, conceptual, medical, pharmacological, neuropsychological, social, behavioural, cognitive, psychotherapeutic, psycholinguistic, technological and pedagogical foundations
  • Provides examples of how each foundation provides insights or practical contributions to special education generally, and to specific disabilities and disorders in particular
  • Delivers information across all major types of disorder/disability in a single volume, creating a must-have reference for anyone involved in special education training, research or teaching


The Author.

1 Components of Special Education.

2 Legal/Typological.

3 Terminological.

4 Social.

5 Medical.

6 Neuropsychological.

7 Psychotherapeutic.

8 Behavioural/Observational.

9 Developmental.

10 Psycholinguistic.

11 Technological.

12 Pedagogical.

13 Conclusion.