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Foundations of Strategy, Canadian Edition

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Foundations of Strategy, Canadian Edition

Robert M. Grant, Judith J. Jordan, Phil Walsh

ISBN: 978-1-119-05016-2 February 2015 416 Pages

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Foundations of Strategy, Canadian Edition is a concise text aimed at both undergraduate and MBA students. With the needs of these students in mind, the authors made sure that the text was written in an accessible style, with a clear, comprehensive approach and sound theoretical depth. An excellent set of current and in-depth Canadian and global cases will show students how to apply the strategy concepts in real-world scenarios.

Today’s strategy modules are delivered in a wide variety of different formats to a wide range of audiences. Instructors frequently find themselves faced with the challenge of delivering their modules in relatively short time frames to student groups with very diverse educational and employment backgrounds. This text is designed to assist instructors in meeting this challenge by covering the core aspects of strategy as concisely as possible without losing academic depth.

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  • Balance between brevity and comprehension: ten chapters that cover all topics in a typical one semester course. The authors focused on selective key topics explaining them in sufficient depth for students to be stretched intellectually.
  • Cases and Video Cases: wide selection of current and in-depth cases related to Canadian and global companies most students are familiar with will capture their interest and enthusiasm. Video Cases mapped out to the topics will further enhance students’ understanding.
  • Teaching Resources: extensive teaching materials include Instructor’s Manual, detailed Case Teaching Notes, Test Bank, and Power Point Slides, as well as Video Cases with notes and accompanying questions for use in class.
  • Currency: the Canadian edition discusses corporate and social responsibility and sustainability, innovation, research methods, including the need for accuracy and the ethics of research. Sections on not-for-profit and public sector strategy are included to reflect the interest and experience of many students and faculty.
  • Simulation: The White Label Restaurant Business Game gives students the opportunity to implement strategy within a 'real world' situation, repeatedly and in differing circumstances. The game comes with a short case description and teacher material including information on the business positioning, tying it back to the standard strategy frameworks you may already have covered