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Four Steps to Trading Success: Using Everyday Indicators to Achieve Extraordinary Profits

Four Steps to Trading Success: Using Everyday Indicators to Achieve Extraordinary Profits

John F. Clayburg

ISBN: 978-0-471-21799-2

Jan 2002

320 pages



Everything a trader needs to know to develop a successful system
Technical analysis--the reading of price and volume charts to identify trading opportunities--has long been a staple in the trader's toolkit. Well before computers took much of the labor out of technical analysis, traders have examined trends, filters, patterns, and especially indicators to help them identify when to get in and out of trades for maximum profit. Now, a highly experienced analyst divulges his proven techniques for identifying the major trend, determining the "trend within the trend," finding the optimal entry, and then choosing the right time to get out. He shows traders how to most effectively use multiple indicators and know what they are really telling about the markets. While his techniques can be used without the aid of computers, he explains how readers can automate their systems using commercially available software.
John F. Clayburg (Coon Rapids, IL) is a technical analyst with over twenty years in the game. He is the developer of the Cylone S & P Day Trading System and the author and developer of Parallel User Function Technology, a unique self-adaptive trading software platform.




Day Trading Methods and Philosophies.

Why Traders Lose.

People, Prices, Personalities and Probabilities.

The Concept of Trend Exhaustion.

Conventional Use of Online Indicators.

Use of Multiple Indicator Sensitivity Settings.

Market Defined Support and Resistance Categories.

Use of Support and Resistance in Actual Trading.

Combining Dual Signals, Support and Resistance.

Directional Day Filter.

Trading Dual Oscillators with Directional Day Filter.

Putting It All Together.

Directional Day Filter Breakout System.

Using an Automated System.

Using Online Charting Services.

Other Indicators and Systems.

TradeStation Code.