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Fractional Factorial Plans

Aloke Dey, Rahul Mukerjee

ISBN: 978-0-470-31782-2 September 2009 232 Pages


A one-stop reference to fractional factorials and relatedorthogonal arrays.

Presenting one of the most dynamic areas of statistical research,this book offers a systematic, rigorous, and up-to-date treatmentof fractional factorial designs and related combinatorialmathematics. Leading statisticians Aloke Dey and Rahul Mukerjeeconsolidate vast amounts of material from the professionalliterature--expertly weaving fractional replication, orthogonalarrays, and optimality aspects. They develop the basic theory offractional factorials using the calculus of factorial arrangements,thereby providing a unified approach to the study of fractionalfactorial plans. An indispensable guide for statisticians inresearch and industry as well as for graduate students, FractionalFactorial Plans features:
* Construction procedures of symmetric and asymmetric orthogonalarrays.
* Many up-to-date research results on nonexistence.
* A chapter on optimal fractional factorials not based onorthogonal arrays.
* Trend-free plans, minimum aberration plans, and search andsupersaturated designs.
* Numerous examples and extensive references.
Fractional Plans and Orthogonal Arrays.

Symmetric Orthogonal Arrays.

Asymmetric Orthogonal Arrays.

Some Results on Nonexistence.

More on Optimal Fractional Plans and Related Topics.

Trend-Free Plans and Blocking.

Some Further Developments.



"This is a well-written book...for a mathematically mature audience. This book is a welcome addition to the literature on factorial experiments." (Mathematical Reviews, Issue 2001a, 2001)