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Fraud Exposed: What You Don't Know Could Cost Your Company Millions



Fraud Exposed: What You Don't Know Could Cost Your Company Millions

Joseph W. Koletar

ISBN: 978-0-471-46619-2 April 2003 288 Pages


Long accepted as a cost of doing business, occupational fraud has recently proven to be much more dangerous to a company than previously thought. Enron, Global Crossing, and other high-profile cases have shown that the risks can be enormous. Fraud Exposed shows how traditional methods of dealing with occupational fraud are inadequate and how an organization's mindset must change if it is to be more effective in dealing with this problem. In-depth insights and practical advice show readers how to apply criminal and law enforcement response models to workplace fraud prevention and detection; analyze financial controls to prevent occupational fraud; as well as examine and improve current defenses to occupational fraud. Written by an expert in this field, Fraud Exposed provides organizations with a realistic approach to uncovering fraud and eliminating it before any damage is done.
Joseph W. Koletar, PhD (Glen Rock, NJ), is a Principal and Service Line Leader in Ernst & Young's Forensic and Security Services Practice in New York. Prior to joining Ernst & Young, he was the director of the Forensic and Corporate Investigative Services practice of Deloitte & Touche LLP. Before joining the private sector, Dr. Koletar spent twenty-five years as a special agent in the FBI.



Crime and the Law Enforcement Response.

Rethinking the Assumptions.

The State of Occupational Fraud.

Theories of Occupational Fraud.

Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics (and Occupational Fraud).

Thoughts on Occupational Fraud.

What Can We learn?

Internal Controls.

Compliance Programs.

Community, Corporate Citizenship, and Quality of Life.

What's New?

Theories of Social Deviance.



Game Theory.

Forensic Professionals as Organizational Pathologists.

Partnerships for the Future.

Environmental and Organizational Intelligence.



The Next Five Years.



Where We Go from Here.