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Fraud and Misconduct: in Biomedical Research, 3rd Edition

Fraud and Misconduct: in Biomedical Research, 3rd Edition

Stephen Lock (Editor), Frank Wells (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-727-91508-5 October 2001 BMJ Books 268 Pages


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The definitive and only book in the world which deals exclusively with clinical research misconduct, recognising that - although it is not rife - its occurance at all requires recognition and action.

Research Misconduct 1974 - 1990.

Research Misconduct: an editor's view.

The role of Research Ethics Committes.

A pharmaceutical company's approach to the threat of research fraud.

The role of the FDA, NIH and other bodies in the USA.

Paycheques on a Saturday night: The changing politics of research integrity in the United States.


The Statistician.


The Investigator.

Expriences of Fraud and Misconduct:.





Dealing with misconduct in Science: German efforts.

The British pharmaceutical Industry's response.


There is no other book covering this subject comprehensively anywhere else in the world.
Includes additional chapter from the USA and the Western Editor of JAMA.
Updated with new cases from the UK and elsewhere and all the chapters still included have been revised.
New chapter from whistleblower and dealing with notes of research ethics committees.