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Free Gift Inside!!: Forget the Customer. Develop Marketease

Free Gift Inside!!: Forget the Customer. Develop Marketease

Stephen Brown

ISBN: 978-1-841-12602-9

Mar 2004, Capstone

300 pages



Free Gift Inside! offers an alternative solution to the difficulty of selling to an already sated and sophisticated consumer.
* Based on the article ""Torment Your Customers (They'll Love It"" which Harvard Busines Review chose as one of 2002's Six Breakthrough Ideas
* A new concept that turns marketing on its head and offers a more effective answer to customer relationship management and permission marketing
Free Gifts.

Preface: Got them old, B1-B2, US visitors' visa blues.

Lesson 1: How to Win Business and Infuriate People.

Lesson 2: How to Cope With Canny Customers.

Lesson 3: How to Handle How-to Marketing Books.

Lesson 4: How to Trump the Trick-or-Treat.

Lesson 5: How to Employ Exclusivity Effectively.

Lesson 6: How to AMPLIFY.

Lesson 7: How to Sell Sham Secrets.

Lesson 8: How to Entertain When Entertainment is Everywhere.

Lesson 9: How to Do a Harry Potter.

Lesson 10: How to Get Out of Jail Free.

Lesson 11: How to Bait the Marketing Mousetrap.

Notes and References.



Free Gift 1: The Disservice Encounter.

Free Gift 2: Authenticating Authenticity.

Free Gift 3: I am Not a Target Marketer.

Free Gift 4: The Elephant Men.

Free Gift 5: Slouching Towards Beal Feirste.

Free Gift 6: Two Cautionary Tales.

Free Gift 7: Absolut Amplification.

Free Gift 8: Opium, Alas.

Free Gift 9: One For the Money.

Free Gift 10: Alluring Marketing.

Free Gift 11: Texas Tingler.

Free Gift 12: There’s Something About Larry.

Free Gift 13: Deconstructing Harry.

Free Gift 14: Deja New.

Free Gift 15: Boeing, Boeing, Bon.

""... the author of a maverick book on marketing ... [says] the marketing world ... has forgotten that it exists to sell things, not mollycoddle people."" (Sunday Business Post, 5th October 2003)

""…Free Gift Inside contains many of the examples of companies who have got the tease just right…"" (Financial Times, 16 October 2003)

""…This book is certainly entertaining…"" (Market research News, 15 October 2003)

""…He constantly pushes the boundaries of conventional thinking about marketing…""(Belfast Telegraph, 3 November 2003)

""…Brown’s irreverent style makes this book a joy to read…"" (Marketing Business, November 2003)

“…I really enjoyed reading Free Gift Inside, it was like a breath of fresh air…”(What’s New In Marketing, 2 December 2003)

""…a book that made me laugh out loud, a book that made me think, a book that gave me hope…""(City to Cities, February/March 2004)

“… Brown puts forward some interesting theories…” (EN Magazine June 2004)