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Freedom and Accountability at Work: Applying Philosophic Insight to the Real World

Freedom and Accountability at Work: Applying Philosophic Insight to the Real World

Peter Koestenbaum, Peter Block

ISBN: 978-0-787-95594-6

Aug 2001, Pfeiffer

464 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Peter Koestenbaum and Peter Block offer you a new perspective for viewing the workplace through the lens of philosophy so that you may have a better understanding of how to reclaim your freedom and accountability and encourage the same in others. They provide a radical new approach to your work-a-day life that will bring true meaning and power to your work.

Freedom and Accountability at Work offers you the information you need to:
* Gain strength and meaning by transforming your thinking on how you view anxiety, doubt, death, and guilt
* Find new ways to bring spiritual and ethical values into your workplace
* Engage in profound change that will help you overcome cynicism that comes from superficial change
* Replace your loss of organizational loyalty and safety with a sense of freedom and accountability

""Both Koestenbaum and Block are such passionate men who bring together what we all seek in our work life-meaning, insight, and humanness. Bless them for this book.""
--Joyce DeShano, board chair, Ascension Health
Part One.

1. Experience of Freedom.

2. Choice, Reality, and Will.

3. Determinism and the Case Against Freedom.

4. Existential Understanding.

Part I: Implications.

Part Two.

5. Value of Anxiety.

6. Revelations of Anxiety.

7. Coping with Anxiety of Rebirth.

Part II: Implications.

Part Three.

8. Vitality of Death.

9. Revelations of Death and Failure.

10. Reality of Evil.

11. Coping with Anxiety of Evil.

Part III: Implications.

Part Four.

12. Two Kinds of Guilt.

13. The Problem of Meaning.

14. Constituting the Workplace.

Part IV Implications.
""Both Koestenbaum and Block are such passionate men who bring together what we all seek in our work life-meaning, insight, and humanness. Bless them for this book."" (Joyce DeShano, board chair, Ascension Health)

""Peter Koestenbaum's message of courage and accountability in the face of anxiety has struck a powerful chord. He and Peter Block have helped us see the very core of our contribution-compassionately confront people with their own freedom."" (Kenneth F. Murphy, senior vice president, human resources, Philip Morris USA)

""Prepare to have your world rocked. Koestenbaum and Block take on the profound task of understanding existence and its place in organizations. You will never be the same."" (Christopher G. Worley, director, MSOD Program, Pepperdine University)

""This book deepens the ongoing economic and social dialogue about balancing wealth creation with core human values. The authors' words offer encouragement to people in organizations who choose to elevate their work by using it as a vehicle to discover and strengthen the links between identity and industry, passion and prosperity, meaning and marketability, service and success."" (Joseph A. Braidish, director, Kelley Executive Partners, Indiana University Kelley School of Business)

""Peter Koestenbaum brings the full force of his intellectual prowess to bear on the major questions of human existence. His insights are priceless even as they challenge some of our most deeply held assumptions about organizational life."" (Camden C. Danielson, executive director, Kelley Executive Partners, Indiana University)

""This work is one of those rare business book breaks from the 'how to?to the what if?'. Block and Koestenbaum provide the foundation for a philosophy of hope for the work place for life; adding meaning to both."" (Howard Schultz, cofounder, The Learning Consortium)

""This book is for the curious and the courageous. The curious will learn from a master philosopher and be intellectually challenged. The courageous will be asked to choose freedom and accountability. Be forewarned!"" (Charlotte Roberts, author, Fifth Discipline Fieldbook, The Dance of Change)

""Tired of being held? and holding others?accountable? Disappointed that your time management system didn't reduce your stress? Think freedom in the workplace is an oxymoron? Then get ready to go deep, and emerse yourself in the wisdom of Koestenbaum according to Block."" (Paul Anderson, dean, Northern California School for Managing and Leading Change)

""I've taught Peter Koestenbaum's leadership philosophy all over the world...and it works! Its broad and all encompassing...and brings a powerful message of hope to us in the workplace."" (George I. Fitzpatrick, The Authentic Leader, teacher and practitioner)

""This is an important book by two important management thinkers. Peter Koestenbaum and Peter Block offer an alternative, if not an antidote, to the shallowness of 'speed, simplicity and (unwarranted) self-confidence' by challenging managers to think about freedom and accountability."" (Robert M. Fulmer, coauthor, The Leadership Investment, Distinguished Visiting Professor Graziadio School of Business, Pepperdine University)

""Noted philosopher Peter Koestenbaum and author Peter Block present some new perspectives for seekers of meaning, insight and humanity in the work place."" (Training, 12/01)

""It's perceptions are strikingly original, challenging the reader on every page to speculate and transform."" (Napra Review, 1/02)

""Koestenbaum and Block present more in-depth information on philosophical tenets and do an outstanding job of helping readers see how to apply the ideas."" (Choice, 2/02)

"" provides deep an valuable insight..."" (Professional Manager, March 2002)

""It belongs on your retail shelves and also in your backroom to be read and shared with employees."" (New Age Retailer, May/June 2002)