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Freehand Drawing and Discovery: Urban Sketching and Concept Drawing for Designers



Freehand Drawing and Discovery: Urban Sketching and Concept Drawing for Designers

James Richards

ISBN: 978-1-118-47997-1 March 2013 288 Pages


Features access to video tutorials!

Designed to help architects, planners, and landscape architects use freehand sketching to quickly and creatively generate design concepts, Freehand Drawing and Discovery uses an array of cross-disciplinary examples to help readers develop their drawing skills. Taking a "both/and" approach, this book provides step-by-step guidance on drawing tools and techniques and offers practical suggestions on how to use these skills in conjunction with digital tools on real-world projects. Illustrated with nearly 300 full color drawings, the book includes a series of video demonstrations that reinforces the sketching techniques.

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Foreword by Francis D.K. Ching x

Preface xiii

Acknowledgments xvii

Part 1: Learning a Language

Chapter 1: The Freehand Renaissance 2

Influences 8

Art and Technology 12

Reintegrating Work and Play 16

Drawing and Discovery with Michael Vergason 20

Chapter 2: Nine Keys to Exploratory Drawing 24

Simplify Tools 27

Simplify Message 29

Work Small 31

Simplify Technique 32

Attack the Drawing 36

Draw People First 39

Pull It Together with Darks 43

Leave It Loose 44

Annotate Everything 45

Drawing and Discovery with Kevin Sloan 46

Chapter 3: Elements and Entourage 50

People 52

Vehicles 55

Trees, Shrubs, Groundcovers 58

Rock and Landforms 62

Water 69

Furnishings 72

Sky 76

Buildings 83

Drawing and Discovery with Christine Ten Eyck 92

Chapter 4: Creating Believable Worlds 98

Perspective: What You Really Need to Know 99

Creating Depth: Foreground, Middle Ground, Background 111

Building Up Color 115

Pulling It Together 119

Drawing and Discovery with Luis Ruiz 122

Part 2: Urban Sketching

Chapter 5: Urban Sketching as Creative Fuel 130

Drawing and Discovery with Gabriel Campanario 140

Chapter 6: Capturing the Place 144

Tools 145

Subject Matter 147

Editing 150

To Color or Not to Color? 152

Working Fast 154

Drawing and Discovery with Liz Steel 162

Part 3: Concept Sketching

Chapter 7: Capturing the Idea 170

Sketching over Digital Bases 173

Sketching over Aerial Photographs 173

Concepts and Character 192

Drawing and Discovery with Kim Perry 204

Chapter 8: Digital Sketching - Drawing Without Limits 208

The Vision 210

The Reality 213

Tablet Sketching Gallery 215

Drawing and Discovery with Robert Chipman, ASLA 232

Chapter 9: What’s Next? 238

Practice 240

Collect 241

Copy 242

Keep the Well Filled 243

Drawing and Discovery with Bob Hopewell 254

Endnote 261

Index 263