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Fresh Start Bankruptcy: A Simplified Guide for Individuals and Entrepreneurs

Fresh Start Bankruptcy: A Simplified Guide for Individuals and Entrepreneurs

Deborah Levine Herman, Robin L. Bodiford

ISBN: 978-0-471-47361-9 October 2003 224 Pages




Don't get down, get started instead-with Fresh Start Bankruptcy

Well over a million Americans suffer the trauma of bankruptcy every year. But many don't know that bankruptcy may be the ideal opportunity to rein in their out-of-control finances, get back on their feet, and start over anew.

Fresh Start Bankruptcy is a friendly and non-intimidating guide that walks you step by step through the filing process and provides the sympathetic, expert advice you need to survive the ordeal. Attorneys Deborah Herman and Robin Bodiford provide the informed perspective that makes tough decisions simple. They'll help you decide whether you should retain legal counsel or move forward on your own. And if you do decide to go it alone, you'll find all the professional advice you need to make the process as quick and painless as possible. You'll learn which chapter to file and how to do it, how to protect your assets and deal with creditors, how to repair your credit, and how to navigate bankruptcy court.

Personal anecdotes included in the book prove that people of all walks of life have gone through the process and come out stronger than before-- and you can too! So, no matter how your financial troubles came about, stop worrying and start over with the positive outlook and thoughtful guidance you'll find only in Fresh Start Bankruptcy.
Chapter One. Deciding to File.

Chapter Two. Quicksand Credit and Callous Creditors.

Chapter Three. Pre Bankruptcy Planning and Asset Protection.

Chapter Four. Choosing Your Chapter.

Chapter Five. It's Not Personal; It's Business.

Chapter Six. Gathering Documents Without Losing Your Mind.

Chapter Seven. Completing the Forms.

Chapter Eight. What Happens After You File?

Chapter Nine. Life after Bankruptcy and How to Cultivate Your Credit.

Epilogue: Bankruptcy Reform and How It Will Affect the World as We Know It.

Appendix A. Glossary of Terms Used in This Book and in the Forms.

Appendix B. List of Forms.

Appendix C. Federal and State Personal Bankruptcy Exemptions.

Appendix D. The Fair Debt Collection Practice Act.