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Freshwater Fisheries Management, 2nd Edition

Freshwater Fisheries Management, 2nd Edition

Robin G. Templeton (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-852-38209-7 March 1995 Wiley-Blackwell 256 Pages


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The new edition of this widely successful text continues to offer a wealth of essential information and practical guidance for all involved in freshwater fisheries management in temperate regions. Whilst the whole text has been fully revised and many sections have been completely rewritten to cover the many advances and developments of the last decade, the clarity of presentation and accessibility of style, hallmarks of the previous edition, are retained. Once more, the text is primarily concerned with the British Isles. However, the principles described and examples given are widely applicable in many other countries.
Part 1 - The Resource;.

The aquatic environment;.

Water quality;.

Basic fish biology;.

Food and food chains;.

Monitoring and controlling fish stocks;.

Fish mortality;.

Part 2: Management Techniques and Methods;.

Management of coarse fisheries;.

Management of salmonid fisheries;.

Construction of stillwaters;.

Maintenance of stillwaters;.

Control of aquatic plants;.

Habitat improvement in still and running waters;.

Bankside vegetation;.

Control of pests and predators;.

Protection of fish stocks by regulations;.

Part 3: Exploitation ;.

Angling requirements;.

Formation and management of angling clubs;.

Commercial exploitation of coarse fish;.

Crayfish farming;.

Other uses of the aquatic environment;.

Appendices - Administration of freshwater fisheries;.


National organisations;.

Fisheries grants;.


Genetic developments and salmonid fishery management;.

Conversion factors;.

Common animal and plant names wih scientific equivalents

* written as a practical guide * comprehensive and international * ideal starting point for new fisheries managers and students * covers all aspects of freshwater fisheries management * includes various appendices and a comprehensive reading list * a broad range of illustrations and photographs * written in a very readable style * revised by 12 leading experts