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Friction, Lubrication and Wear of Artificial Joints



Friction, Lubrication and Wear of Artificial Joints

Ian M. Hutchings (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-860-58363-6 February 2003 134 Pages


Tribology has been central to the development of this field of engineering and Friction, Lubrication, and Wear of Artificial Joints brings together the work of the foremost authorities.  Recent key work, particularly on hip and knee replacement prostheses form the major part of this book.

Artificial joint technology, clinical practice, and the monitoring of on-going wear in use have progressed by leaps and bounds in the last few years.  Medical research engineers, tribology specialists, and materials technologists each play an important role in ensuring that this marriage of engineering and medicine delivers the best possible outcome for the patients who receive the implants.

 Contents of this book include:  

  • Biotribology - A personal view
  • The influence of component geometry on the measurement of wear
  • A tribological study of metal-on-metal total replacement hip joints
  • The lubrication and friction of conventional UHMWPE, novel compliant layer and hard bearing surfaces for use in total hip prostheses
  • Prediction of lubricating film thickness in UHMWPE hip joint replacements
  • Wear of ceramic-on-ceramic hip prostheses under micro-separation simulation conditions
  • Friction and wear testing of DLC type coatings on total hip replacement prostheses
  • Simulator testing of total knee replacement 
  • A new measurement method for wear scars generated with knee simulators