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Friction, Wear and Wear Protection

Friction, Wear and Wear Protection

Alfons Fischer (Editor), Kirsten Bobzin (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-62852-0 February 2011 784 Pages




The proceedings collect invited and contributed papers from more than 150 scientists and engineers worldwide which provide an up-to-date overview of the current research on friction and wear, including new systematic approaches as well as innovative technical solutions.
Part I: Plenary Lectures.

Wear Simulation with a Focus on Mild Wear in Rolling and Sliding Contacts (S. Andersson).

Polymer Composites in Tribology (K. Friedrich).

Part II: Lectures.

Effect of Graphite and Silicon Carbide Addition on the Hardness and Wear Resistance of Al-4wt% Mg Alloys (A. M. Hassan, G. M. Tashtoush and J. A. Al-Khalil).

Aluminum Based Sliding Materials with Soft Phases – Intrinsic For-giving Overload Behavior? (F. Grün , I. Gódor and W. Eichlseder).

Friction and Wear Behavior of the Magnesium Alloy AZ91D under Lubricated Sliding Conditions (C. Chen, H. Bosse and L. Deters).

Tribological Properties of Laser Interference Induced Microstructural Architectures in Metallic Systems (C. Gachot, P. Leibenguth and F. Mücklich).

Cu-graphite Composites: Composition Dependence of Friction Coefficient (J. Kovácik, J. Bielek and Å. Emmer).

Laser Nitriding: A Promising Way to Improve the Cavitation Erosion Resistance of Components Made of Titanium Alloys (J. Kaspar, Jörg Bretschneider, Steffen Bonβ, Bernd Winderlich, Berndt Brenner, J. Bretschneider, S. Bonβ, B. Winderlich and B. Brenner).

Production of Coal Crushing Hammer Heads by Bi-metal Casting (T. Kirma, E. Selcuk, A Kalkanli and A. Cetin).

Characterization and Modeling of the Wear Behavior of Highly Wear-Resistant Special Structural Steels (A. Dietrich, P. Feinle and A. Kern).

Effect of Die Material on Friction During Iron Powder Compaction (R. B. Wassenberg, M. Drygalov and P. Beiss).

Adhesion Resistance of Particle Reinforced Steel Matrix Composite During Sliding Against Aluminium (D. C. Lou, L. O. Finnerud, J. K. Solberg, O. M. Akselsen and N. Dahl).

Graded Layers for Wear and Corrosion Protection Produced by Laser Cladding (A. Weisheit and K. Wissenbach).

The Influence of Induction Hardening on the Impact Wear Resistance of Compacted Graphite Iron (T. Slatter, M. Broda and R. Lewis).

Thermally Sprayed Nanocrystalline Cylinder Running Surfaces in Modern Passenger Car Engines (K. Bobzin, F. Ernst, K. Richardt, T. Schläfer and C. Verpoort).

Investigation of Wear Mechanisms and Microstructural Changes of Thermally Sprayed Coatings in Cylinder Bores after Motor Tests (M. Hahn, R. Theissmann, B. Gleising, W. Dudzinski and A. Fischer).

Hot Direct Extrusion of Abrasion Resistant Fe-Base Metal Matrix Composites – Microstructure and Wear Properties (M. Karlsohn, A. Röttger, P. A. Silva, S. Weber, A. R. Pyzalla, W. Reimers and W. Theisen).

Development of Wear-Resistant Composites Based on Heat-Resistant Fe-Cr-Al Alloys (O. Mikadze(Sp), E. Kutelia, D. Gventsadze, O. Tsurtsumia, B. Bulia, G. Mikadze and T. Dzigrashvili).

Sliding Friction: Global Versus Local Analysis (A. Ramalho, M. C. Oliveira and L. F. Menezes).

Deformation of WC-Co Hardmetals During Scratch Testing (S. N. Ndlovu, K. Durst and M. Göken).

Nanotribology at Electrodes: Influence of Adsorbates and Potential on Friction Forces Studies with Atomic Force Microscopy (M. Nielinger, F. Hausen, N. Podghainiy and H. Baltruschat).

Influence of Electrode Potential of Chelating Agents on Tribocorrosion Mechanisms of Tungsten (J. Stojadinovic, D. Bouvet, M. Declercq and S. Mischler).

Corrosion Behavior of Silcon Carbide in Aqueous Media Lubricated Sliding Applications (O. Krummhauer, V. Presser, A. Kailer, K. G. Nickel and T. Hollstein).

On the P-T Conditions of Wet Silicon Carbide Tribo-corrosion (V. Presser, O. Krummhauer, K. G. Nickel, A. Kailer and R. Wirth).

On the Tribological Characterization of Engineering Ceramics (Y. A-H. Mashal, J. K. Lancaster and A. G. Atkins).

Experimental Investigation of Wear of Ceramic Materials for Dental Restorations (H. G. Gräber and R. Wäsche).

Scratch Tests on Natural Nacre – Reference for Implant Material (B. Denkena, L. de Leon, M. van der Meer and A. Moral).

Influence of DLC Layer on the Wear Behavior of Unhardened Steel Moulds (W. Tillmann, E. Vogli, M. Gathen and S. Momeni).

The Wettability of DLC Coatings with Ester and Polyalphaolefin (K. Bobzin, N. Bagcivan,  N. Goebbels and K. Yilmaz).

CVD-Diamond Coating as Wear Protection for Standard Heat-Treatable Steel (K. Kellermann, J. Fandrey, S. M. Rosiwal and R. F. Singer).

Modeling and Simulation of Unlubricated Oscillating Sliding Wear of DLC-coatings (L. Steiner, V. Bouvier, S. Grosse, N. Huber, V. Hegadekatte and C. P. O. Treutler).

A Study of Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Electroless Nickel-Boron Deposits after Heat and Thermochemical Treatments (V. Vitry and F. Delaunois).

Multiple Asperity Dry Contacts – Comparison of Experiments and Analytical Computer Simulation (Ch. Zietsch and A. Fischer).

Influence of the Surface Topography on the Transition between High and Low Wear Regimes under Multidirectional Reciprocating Sliding (I. Samerski, J. Schöfer, D. J. Schipper and A. Fischer).

Various Influence Factors on the Development of Standstill Marks (False-Brinelling Effect) (M. Grebe, P. Feinle and W. Hunsicker).

On Dynamic Friction Phenomena in Brake Systems (G. –P. Ostermeyer and K. Bode).

Creep Behavior of an Asperity in Fully Plastic Contact (A. Goedecke and R. Mock).

An Approach to Energy Based Fretting Wear Prediction at Low Frequency Loading (M. Becker, D. Nilsson, P. Wackers, A. Werner and V. Arrieta).

On Scratching of Elastic-Plastic Thin Films on Elastic Substrates (F. Wredenberg and P.–L. Larsson).

Tribological Approach of Forming Tool Performance Based on Finite Element Modelling (FEM) (R. Hernández, M. R. Cruz, I. Pacas, M.D. Riera and D. Casellas).

Computation of Die Loads on Sheet Forming Using Dies of Tool Steel with Improved Anti-galling Properties (A. Thuvander and O. Sandberg).

Wearing Effects on Cutting Processes – Development of a Combined Simulation Approach (U. Groβmann, M. Rechberger, J. Blömer and J. Bertling).

Modelling and Simulation of Wear in Micro-machines (V. Hegadekatte, N. Huber and O. Kraft).

Development of Oil Lubricated Ceramic/Steel Friction Pairs at High Sliding Speeds (R. Wahl, K. Wauthier and K.-H. Zum Gahr).

Surface Textured Steel/Ceramic and Ceramic Pairs Sliding in Isooctane (M. Wöppermann and K.-H. Zum Gahr).

Influence of Surface Modification on Dry Friction Performance of Alumina Mated Against Steel (R. Wallstabe, J. Schneider and K.-H. Zum Gahr).

Microtribological Characterization of Engineering Ceramic, Cemented Carbide and Steel under Rolling Conditions (S. Kurzenhäuser, J. Schneider and K.-H. Zum Gahr).

The Behavior of Silicon Nitride Tools in Hot Rolling Copper Wire (I. Khader, S. Fünfschilling, A. Kailer and R. Oberacker).

Tribological Investigation of Si3N4 Composites (Z. Koncsik, M. Berkes Maros and L. Kuzsella).

Wear Behavior of CMC abd MMC under High-Speed Dry Sliding on Steel (S. N. Kulkov, N. L. Savchenko and S. F. Gnyusov).

Ultralow Friction and Wear of Reciprocating Systems Lubricated by Liquid Crystalline Fluids (A. Kailer, T. Amann, G. Konrath, D. Janietz and H. Sawade).

Study on the Wear and Friction of Short Carbon Fiber and/or Nano-TiO2 (L. A. Gyurova, Z. Jiang, A. K. Schlarb, K. Friedrich and Z. Zhang).

Dry Sliding Wear Properties of Thermal Spray Coatings in the TiO2 (L.-M. Berger, C. C. Stahr, S. Saaro, S. Thiele and M. Woydt).

Friction in Continuous Casting of Steel: Lubrication Experiments at 1200 ºC (D. Senk, A. Münch and K. Schulz).

Simulative Wear Testing of Tool Materials for Comminution of Hard Ore Material (D. D. Olsson and N. Bay).

Online Wear Measurements in Advanced Lubricated Systems (C. Fehsenfeld, P. Fehsenfeld, A. Kleinrahm and P. Berlet).

Friction and Wear of Highly Loaded Mixed Lubrication Contacts Influenced by Superposed Sliding Directions and Intermittent Surface Pressure Performed on a Novel Model Bench (A. Albers, M. Behrendt and S. Ott).

Design and Evaluation of a Rolling Friction Apparatus for Micro Linear Bearings (R. Meeβ and F. Löffler).

Advances in Thin Flim Layer Sensors for Temperature Measurements in Highly Loaded Tribological Contacts under Mixed Lubrication (A. Albers, S. Beauvais, J. Bsul and W. Burger).

Fatigue Life in Rolling Contacts with Rough Surfaces (M. Gleβ, V. Fafoutis G. Repphun, C. G. Provatidis, D. Bartel and L. Deters).

Reciprocating Sliding Wear of Surface Modified Austenitic High Nitrogen Stainless Steel and CoCrMo-alloy (R. Pourzal and A. Fischer).

Tribology of Human Skin: Effect of Epidermal Hydration on Textile Friction (L.-C. Gerhardt, V. Strässle, N. D. Spencer and S. Derler).

Introduction and Survey of the Research within the Collaborative Research Center 442 ‘Evironmentally Friendly Tribosystems by Suitable Coatings and Fluids with Respect to the Machine Tool (H. Murrenhoff).

Epoxidation of Oleic Esters for Synthesis of Environmentally Friendly Lubricants (M. J. S. Küppers, D. H. Müller, F. Pontzen, D. Herzog. M. A. Liauw and L. Greiner).

How Friction and Ageing Influence the Toxic and Ecotoxic Behaviour of Used, Bio-based Libricants (J. Bressling, O.-C. Göhler, C. Bugiel, W. Dott and B. Erlenkämper).

Characterization of Substantial Changes of Different Native Ester-based Lubricants Before and After Tribological Application (S. Michael, K. Bobzin, A Krämer, W. Dott and H. Maier).

High Performance PVD Tool Coatings (K. Bobzin, N. Bagcivan, P. Immich, M. Ewering  and C. Warnke).

Manufacturing Tool-Coating-Compatible Stamping and Fine Blanking Tool Surfaces (F. Klocke, C. Zeppenfeld, P. Mattfield and M. Zimmermann).

PVD Coating Systems for Environmentally Friendly Machining (F. Klocke, K. Gerschwiler, S. Cordes and R. Fritsch).

Wear Resistant PVD-Coatings for Components (K. Bobzin, N. Bagcivan, N. Goebbels and A. Krämer).

Numerical Calculation of Failure Stresses of PVD Coatings Based on Test Data (P. W. Gold, J. Loos and H. Elgeti).

Performance of DLC-coated Spindle Ball Bearings (C. Brecher and G. Gerlach).

Effects of PVD-coatings on Fatigue of Roller Bearings (P. W. Gold, T. Wolf and M. Plogmann).

Efficiency of Axial Piston Pumps With Coated Tribological Systems (C. Enekes and H. Murrenhoff).

Influence of Friction on Ageing of Lubricants (J. Schmacher, O.-C. Göhler and H. Murrenhoff).

Improvement of the Efficiency of Parallel-Axis Transmissions by Means of PVD-Coatings (C. Brecher, A. Bagh and C. Gorgles).

Part III: Posters.

Influence of Solidification Microstructure on the Wear Resistance of Al-Si and Al-Sn Alloys Directionally Solidified under Unsteady State Conditions (K. Sabat, N. Cheung, J. E. Spinelli, L. C. Casteletti and A. Garcia).

Study of Different Aspects of a Novel Method for Surface Carburizing of CP-Ti (M. Aliofkhazraei, A. Sobour Rouhaghdam and H. Alimadadi)

Study of Hardfaced Wear Resistant Bronze Alloy (I. Voiculescu, V. Geanta, R. Stefanoiu, H. Binchiciu, I. V. Simiti, N. Jumate and R. Vasiu).

Study of the Abrasive Wear Behaviour of Electrified Railway Wires (A. Garcia, A. Coruña, V. Lorenzo, A. Varela, C. Camba, A. Coruña and V. Blazquez).

Surface Alloying of CP-Ti Using Tungsten Inert Gas Process With Pre-Placed BN (R. Yazdi, F. Kashani Bozorg, L. Moazzemi, K. Hazeli, F. Kashani Bozorg, L. Moazzemi and K. Hazeli).

Influence of Surface Condition on Wear and Demoulding Behaviour of Mould Inserts for Micro Powder Injection Moulding (J. Schneider, A. Kienzler, V. Schulze and K.-H. Zum Gahr).

Study of Pulsed Bipolar Nanocrystalline Plasma Electrolytic Carburizing on Nanostructure and Friction Coefficient of Compound Layer (M. Aliofkhazraei, A. Sabour Rouhaghdam and H. Alimadadi).

Abrasive Wear Resistance of AISI 420 Stainless Steel After Laser Surface Treatment (M. A. Larosa, M. A. Pinto and M. C. F. Ierardi).

Enhanced Wear Resistance of Precipitation Hardening Steels by Laser Solution Annealing and Subsequent Aging Treatment (J. Kaspar, B. Brenner, A. Luft, F. Tietz and J. Bretschneider).

Smart Pastes for Improvement of Wear Resistance of Metals (N. Dahl, D. C. Lou, O. M. Akselsen and M. I. Onsøien).

Tribological Properties of 316 LVM Austenitic Stainless Steel Processed by Mechanical Pulse Treatment and Hydrostatic Extrusion (J. Budniak, O. Kyryliv. M. Lewandowska and K. J. Kurzydlowski).

Trybological Properties of the Surface Layers, Rich in Nitrogen, Produced on Stainless Steel 316LVM (R. Slesinski and K. J. Kurzydlowski).

Tribological Testing on the Steel Hardening with Laser (G. Demian, M. Demian, L. Grecu and V. Grecu).

Hot Direct Extrusion of Abrasion Resistant Fe-base Metal Matrix Composites – Interface Characterization and Mechanical Properties of Co-Extruded Layered Structures (P. A. Silva, S. Weber, M. Karlsohn, A. Röttger, W. Theisen, W. Reimers and A. R. Pyzalla).

The Role of Admixed Solid Lubriants in Sintered Steels (A. Liersch, H. Danninger and R. Ratzi).

Investigations of Wear Mechanisms in Diamond Tools with Fe-Based Matrices Reinforced with WC-Co Particles (J. Garcia, S. Weber, A. Kostka, A. Pyzalla, L. F. Garcia and A. Lammer).

Tribocorrosion Study of 316L Stainless and TA6V4 Alloy in Various Electrolytes (P. Henry, J. Takadoum and P. Berçot).

Wear Characterizatics of Diamond Grain-Types in Steel-Ceramic-Compound Grinding (B. Denkena and N. Kramer).

The Correlation of Thermo-Mechanical Stresses on Cutting Tool Wear (D. Biermann, J. F. Felderhoff and M. Heilmann).

Influence of Microstructure and Coatings on the Abrasive Edge Wear of WC-Co (P. Krakhmalev).

Chromium Based PVD Coatings for Injection Moulding Tools (K. Bobzin, W. Michaeli, N. Bagcivan, P. Immich, F. Klaiber and S. Theiβ).

Contact Stress Analysis of a Spherical Wear Particle between Seal and Steel Surface (T. –J. Park and H.-D. Cho).

Research Regarding Hot Wear Resistance of MARAGING Steels (D. F. Tarata, D. D. Cealicu and G. Vaduvoiu).

Author Index.

Subject Index.

"The key contributions from nearly every expert in the field are assembled in one fascinating book. This kaleidoscopic and informative volume ranges impressively across several aspects of friction and wear." (Current Engineering Practice, 2010)