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From 0 to 260+ Properties in 7 Years

From 0 to 260+ Properties in 7 Years

Steve McKnight

ISBN: 978-0-731-40577-0

Dec 2006, Wrightbooks

400 pages

Select type: Paperback


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How This Book Will Benefit You…

1. Profit From Expert Advice
It makes sense to learn from a trusted and qualified source. Steve McKnight is a qualified chartered accountant with extensive property investing experience. Steve’s techniques have been successfully used and applied by tens of thousands of investors.

2. Gain The Investing Edge
The content is completely new! Each chapter contains never-before seen information and insights presented in an entertaining and easy-to-read style.

3. Avoid Making Huge Losses!
Chapter 10 reveals exactly what to do in the event of a property market meltdown. Be prepared by taking action while there’s still time.

4. Maximise Your Property Profits
Discover specific and practical strategies, together with relevant examples that reveal how other successful investors are making stacks of money from real estate right now.

5. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
If you don't think reading this will increase your property profits by at least 10 times the cost, then send it back for a full refund!* It's simple -- you either profit or don't pay. You can't lose!

Preface: Bad Advice in a Fish and Chip Shop xi

Part I - Making a Start

1. The Real Steve McKnight 3

2. Creating a Significant Mindset 17

3. Don't Rely on a GovernmentAged Pension 27

4. Take the Steve McKnight Challenge! 41

Part II - A Recipe for Disaster

5. The Dreadful Dangers of Personal Debt 67

6. There Are Only Two Types of Debt: Bad and Worse 85

7. The Steve McKnight Property Clock 105

8. The Secret to Massive Lifetime Wealth 119

9. Avoiding the Biggest Mistake in Property 141

10. How to Survive and Thrive in a Property Downturn 159

Part III - Real Estate 'Steve Style'

11. Building a Massive Property Portfolio from the Ground Up 181

12. Cashing in on Fast Growth 201

13. Proven Ways to Find Positive Cashflow Properties 225

14. Working the Five Money-Making Formulas 241

15. Revealed: 3-2-1 to Easy Deal Evaluations 257

Part IV - Deal Time

16. Troy and Bee Aim for Reno Riches 287

17. Tammy and Co. Go Mining for Cashflow Gold 297

18. Suzanne and Katrina Do Their Block for a 322% Retum! 305

19. $65,974 in Four Months and Two Days 315

20. Simon, Lynn and Tony Commercialise New Zealand 323

21. Melissa and Andrew Divide and Conquer 333

22. Kate and Lyle's Positive Cashflow Executive Gem 339

Part V - What Next?

23. Your Step-By-Step Implementation Plan 351

24. Final Thoughts 375

Appendix A: Definitions Behind the Sustainable Debt Levels Matrix 379

Appendix B: Definitions Behind the Danger Money Multiples Matrix 387

Index 393