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From Cosmological Structures to the Milky Way

From Cosmological Structures to the Milky Way

Siegfried Röser (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-40608-1 September 2005 269 Pages


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Volume 18 continues the Reviews in Modern Astronomy with twelve invited reviews and highlight contributions which were presented during the International Scientific Conference of the Astronomical Society on the topic "From Cosmological Structures to the Milky Way", held in Prague, Czech Republic, September 20 to 25, 2004.
The contributions to the meeting published in this volume discuss, among other subjects, X-ray astronomy, cosmology, star formation and the Galactic Centre.
Karl Schwarzschild lecture:
The Dawn of X-Ray Astronomy
Riccardo Giacconi, Washington, USA

Ludwig Biermann Award Lecture
The Second Stars,
Falk Herwig, Los Alamos, USA

Galactic Centre
Andreas Eckart, Cologne , Germany

Cosmological Structures behind the Milky Way
Renée Kraan-Korteweg, Guanajuato , Mexico and Cape Town, South Africa

Tides, Gas Striping and Star Formation in the Evolution of Galaxies
Jan Palous, Praha , Czech Republic

New Cosmology with Clusters of Galaxies
Peter Schuecker, Garching , Germany

The Origin of Brown Dwarfs
Viki Joergens, Leiden, The Netherlands

Structures in the Interstellar Medium
Sona Ehlerová, Praha, Czech Republic

Continuous Star Formation in Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies
Simone Recchi, Garching, Germany

The Proper Motion and Geometric Distance of M33
Andreas Brunthaler, Dwingeloo, The Netherlands

Star Formation in Merging Galaxy Clusters
Chiara Ferrari, Innsbruck, Austria

The Evolution of Field Spiral Galaxies over the Past 8 Gyrs
Asmus Böhm and Bodo L. Ziegler, Göttingen, Germany