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From Equity Talk to Equity Walk: Leading Change in Higher Education

From Equity Talk to Equity Walk: Leading Change in Higher Education

Tia Brown McNair, Estela Bensimon, Lindsey Malcom-Piqueux

ISBN: 978-1-119-23794-5

Oct 2019, Jossey-Bass

150 pages


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Using case composites from campuses that have participated in AAC&U sponsored projects and the summer institute on high-impact practices and student success, the book will provide practical steps and strategies for translating the theory of From Equity Talk to Equity Walk into measurable, result-oriented campus change strategies. The theory of action will build on the MEI guiding principles, but emphasize four primary elements for student achievement of essential learning outcomes within the greater framework of inclusion and excellence for all:

•           Cross-divisional collaboration between academic and student affairs professionals;

•           Engaged student learning through the use of high-impact practices;

•           Integrated program designs for a clear and comprehensive pathway for student success; and

•           Enhanced assessment strategies that measure quality of learning and outcomes for all students.


The book will raise critical questions related to the four themes and provide recommendations on how to develop intentional approaches to making excellence inclusive. As appropriate, the recommendations will be illustrated through campus examples to emphasize key points. The practical aspects and challenges of designing and implementing student learning and success models will be discussed. A fifth chapter will focus on faculty and staff professional development, including recommendations for supporting the growing number of contingent faculty who teach the majority of underserved students in higher education. These five thematic areas are recurring challenges for campuses seeking guidance on making excellence inclusive and student success.

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