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From Isolation to War: 1931-1941, 4th Edition

From Isolation to War: 1931-1941, 4th Edition

Justus D. Doenecke, John E. Wilz

ISBN: 978-1-118-95234-4 August 2015 Wiley-Blackwell 296 Pages




The new edition of this popular and widely-used American history textbook has been thoroughly updated to include a wealth of new scholarship on American diplomacy in the decade leading up to Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor.
  • Features new material on the Washington Conference of 1921-22, early American diplomacy in the Manchurian crisis, the Panay incident, Russia’s invasion of Finland, the destroyer-bases deal, and much more
  • Pays particular attention to Roosevelt’s policies towards Jewish refugees, the battle between domestic groups like the America First Committee and Fight for Freedom, and the Welles mission of 1940
  • Includes concise biographical sketches of major world leaders, including Hoover, FDR, Churchill, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and Tojo
  • Outlines and examines the debates of historians over the wisdom of U.S. policies

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Preface ix

1 In Search of Peace 1

The Roots of Anti]Interventionism 4

The Disillusionment of the 1920s 7

A Rising Peace Sentiment 13

2 Manchuria 19

The Rise of Imperial Japan 21

Japan Attacks Manchuria 34

The Failure of American Protest 48

3 The Dilemmas of Neutrality 58

Early New Deal Diplomacy 60

The Nye Committee 73

The Spanish Civil War 82

Japan’s “China Incident” 90

The Panay Sinking 97

4 Toward War in Europe 105

Prelude to the European War 106

Germany Conquers Western Europe 118

The Destroyer]Bases Deal 128

The Nature of the Axis Threat 137

From H.R. 1776 to the Newfoundland Conference 140

The Undeclared Naval War 154

5 Toward War in the Pacific 163

America Debates Japan’s Advances 164

FDR’s Freezing Orders 178

Faltering Diplomacy 187

Pacific Diplomacy Evaluated 203

6 Day of Infamy 209

Pearl Harbor Attacked 211

The Revisionist Case Evaluated 220

Germany Declares War on the United States 231

Bibliographical Essay 234

Author Index 261

Subject Index 267

Maps: Manchuria, 1932 20

Europe, 1939 110–111

Western Pacific, 1941 168–169