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From Timid To Tiger: A Treatment Manual for Parenting the Anxious Child

From Timid To Tiger: A Treatment Manual for Parenting the Anxious Child


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This book is an essential manual for mental health professionals who work with young anxious children and their parents. Organised into a 10-session parenting-based course, the book provides parents with simple cognitive behavioural techniques for helping their children to manage their worries and fears.
  • The first manual designed specifically to help therapists take parents through a step-by-step approach to managing young anxious children
  • The manual's empirical focus is highly effective in treating anxiety disorders in children under the age of 10
  • The provision of scripts throughout the book offer realistic illustrations of the techniques described
  • Stories and analogies included to explain the more complex concepts
  • Includes handouts which can be photocopied and useful additional materials
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Who Is This Book For?


1 Theoretical Background to the Programme.

2 How to Use This Book.

3 Session One: Introduction to the Programme and Some Basic Concepts.

4 Session Two: Securing the Parent-Child Bond through Play.

5 Session Three: Understanding Children's Anxiety.

6 Session Four: Using Praise to Build Children's Confidence.

7 Session Five: Using Rewards to Get Children Motivated.

8 Session Six: Setting Limits on Anxious Children's Behaviour.

9 Session Seven: Using Withdrawal of Attention to Manage Children's Behaviour.

10 Session Eight: Managing Children's Worry.

11 Session Nine: Managing Really Difficult Behaviour: Time Out and Consequences.

12 Session Ten: Wrapping Up: Review, Managing School, Celebration.

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“This book should be found in the library of every community and school based clinician working in children services.”  (Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapy, 2012)

“As a mental health practitioner I found reading this book extremely helpful in understanding how to apply a framework of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and Webster-Stratton style parenting training into a group programme.”  (Young Minds, 1 June 2012)

""Organised as a 10-session parenting-based course, this step-by-step approach to conquering anxieties is easy to read and potentially life-changing."" (Family Interest Magazine, 1 August 2011)