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From Values to Action: The Four Principles of Values-Based Leadership

From Values to Action: The Four Principles of Values-Based Leadership

Harry M. Kraemer

ISBN: 978-0-470-88125-5

Apr 2011, Jossey-Bass

224 pages

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Silver Medal Winner, Business and Leadership, 2012 Nautilus Book Awards

Respected former CEO, professor, and speaker examines what it takes to become a values-based leader

In this highly-anticipated book, Harry Kraemer argues that today's business environment demands values-based leaders who, in "doing the right thing," deliver outstanding and lasting results. The journey to becoming a values-based leader starts with self-reflection. He asks, "If you are not self-reflective, how can you know yourself? If you do not know yourself, how can you lead yourself? If you cannot lead yourself, how can you lead others?" Kraemer identifies self-reflection as the first of four principles that guide leaders to make choices that honor their values and candidly recounts how these principles helped him navigate some of the toughest challenges he faced in his career.

  • Offers a framework for adopting the principles of values-based leadership—self-reflection, balance, true self-confidence, and genuine humility—to lead organizations effectively
  • Based on Kraemer's popular Kellogg MBA course on values-based leadership
  • A recognized expert in values-based leadership, Kraemer is a sought after speaker on the subject

Lively and engaging, Kraemer's book comes at a critical time when true leadership in every facet of society is desperately needed.

Introduction: Doing the Right Thing.

Part I The Four Principles.

1 Self-Reflection.

2 Balance and Perspective.

3 True Self-Confidence.

4 Genuine Humility.

Part II The Essential Elements of a Values-Based Organization.

5 Leading with Values.

6 Talent Management and Leadership Development.

7 Setting a Clear Direction.

8 Effective Communication.

9 Motivation and Team Engagement.

10 Execution and Implementation: Making It Happen.

Part III Leading Your Organization from Success to Significance.

11 The Courage to Lead Through Change, Controversy, and Crisis.

12 Socially Responsible Leadership.


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