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From .com to .profit: Inventing Business Models That Deliver Value AND Profit

From .com to .profit: Inventing Business Models That Deliver Value AND Profit

Nick Earle, Peter G. W. Keen

ISBN: 978-0-787-95850-3 February 2002 Jossey-Bass 240 Pages




Until now, all it's taken to build a successful e-business is the right technology. An online storefront goes up and a company's market capitalization goes through the roof, despite low sales and no profits. But now the race to get online is over. As the new economy rapidly becomes the only economy, Internet companies must learn how to create sustainable value if they're going to survive. This book provides the solid business basics companies need to move from the old era of .com to the next era of .profit.

Nick Earle, the driving force behind Hewlett-Packard's worldwide Internet strategy, and Peter Keen, a visionary in the world of business and technology, have been anticipating online trends and communicating them to managers for over twenty years. Here they team up to forecast the future of Internet commerce and to lay out the six key imperatives that will determine the difference between successful and unsuccessful e-business in the coming decade.

Earle and Keen show managers how to perfect the logistics, cement the relationships, build the brands, transform the capital and cost structures, harmonize the sales channels, and provide the services that are crucial to delivering both value and profits on the Web.

Using examples from HP and other top companies around the world, the authors go beyond Internet hype to lay out strategic action in the key areas of technology, finance, and marketing. In the process, they provide all the useful information, timely insights, and practical advice managers need to build business plans for the new economy that really work.

The Internet Effect: Why the World of Business Will Never Be the Same.
From .com to .value: How to Profit in the Internet Space.
Perfect Your Logistics.
Cultivate Your Long Term Customer Relationships.
Harmonize Your Channels for the Customer's Benefit.
Build a Power Brand.
Transform Your Capital and Cost Structures.
Become a Value-Adding Intermediary.
Becoming the Venture Organization: Getting Your Company Focused on the Future.
From .value to .everywhere: The Internet as Utility.

"Earle and Keen's timing could not be better. Investors have clearly called out for e-commerce companies to move beyond business models to business realities. This book focuses on critical drivers for making that transition and gives a wealth of examples that bring home its points. This is an important book that can help migrate e-businesses from the list of 'first movers' to the list of 'first provers.'" --Geoffrey Moore, chairman, The Chasm Group

"Don't even try to raise capital until you've read and incorporated the ideas in this book into your startup." --Guy Kawasaki, CEO,

"Nick Earle and Peter Keen provide an accurate and compelling overview of the current e-business turmoil and landscape. From .com to .profit defines the current struggles companies face and offers candid insights on how to create the right Internet business model to achieve profitability." --Patty Seybold, CEO, The Patricia Seybold Group; author,