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From the Trenches: Strategies from Industry Leaders on the New e-Conomy

From the Trenches: Strategies from Industry Leaders on the New e-Conomy

Erin J. Kelly (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-64602-0

May 2001

248 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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Twenty business leaders and innovators at the forefront of the e-business revolution share their insights for surviving and thriving in a digital economy

Bringing together essays written by more than twenty luminaries from the world of e-business, From the Trenches affords readers a uniquely broad and authoritative perspective on the present and future of the global e-conomy and the real business issues that are driving it. CEOs, executives, and marketers from cutting-edge e-businesses, such as Nortel Networks, EDS Systemhouse, the Boston Consulting Group, as well as venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and innovators in a range of industries, including telecommunications and new media, share their strategies for reinventing business for a digital economy. They also offer cogent answers to critical questions concerning content distribution in an Internet world, e-business financing, legal and privacy issues, Internet marketing, reengineering businesses to improve productivity and find success in a digital environment, and much more.



Building A Sustainable E-Business (S. Allan).

e-Power to the People! (C. Moorehead).

Seeing Change, Leading Change (K. Peters).

Using VC Experience to Create Business Value (J. Hyland).

Working@Home (D. Shortt).

New Technologies in Schools: Please Adjust Your Screens (M. Moll).

High-energy High Tech: Turn on the Network (V. Saunders).

"i" Before "e"-No Exceptions (S. Whittaker).


The Internet in the Age of Consumer Power (P. Tremaine).

Regulation in the Information Age: The CRTC and New Media (F. Bertrand).

Privacy in Cyberspace: Challenge of the 21st Century (B. McIsaac).

Kids and the Art of the Internet (K. Baggott).


Culture and Convergence (S. Scott).

U8TV: A Convergence of Television and the Internet (P. Yaffe).

Making News Interactive (M. Hill).

Caught in the Web?: Broadcast Regulation in the New Media World (J. Bol).

Pamela Wallin: The Media Is You (P. Wallin).