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FrontPage 2003 All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies®

FrontPage 2003 All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies®

John Paul Mueller

ISBN: 978-0-764-57531-0

Oct 2004

792 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Ever looked at a great Web site and thought, “How did they do that?” Now you can do it with Front Page 2003, Microsoft’s popular Web site creation and management program. FrontPage 2003 All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies lives up to its name! It contains nine minibooks that cover all aspects of FrontPage.
  • Book I explains basic concepts and shows you how to create your first Web page
  • Book II gets you started with basic Web pages and covers topics such as working with forms, tables, frames and templates
  • Book III guides you through working with an existing Web site, creating a new Web site, using Front Page views and reports, and more
  • Book IV gets you into advanced design features, such as using cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and clip art, adding multimedia, creating dynamic Web sites, and securing Web sites
  • Book V covers database topics, including creating interactive Web pages with Access and developing applications with SQL Server
  • Book VI explains how to create pages that work with XML and XSTL
  • Book VII covers scripting techniques, such as how to perform common scripting tasks and work with cookies
  • Book VIII covers VBA programming topics, such as storing and modifying data, creating structured programs, and trapping errors and fixing bugs
  • Book IX offers unique coverage of advanced programming topics, such as using Front Page with Active Server Pages (ASP) and PHP, and working with Web Services (e.g., creating connections with Google, Amazon, and eBay)

Written by John Paul Mueller, author of more than 63 books and 300 articles on computer topics, this book is helpful for the FrontPage newbie, who will start at the very beginning, and work at his/her own pace, and for experienced users who will forge ahead to improve and expand their skills and take advantage of all the capabilities of FrontPage 2003.


Book I: Essential Concepts.

Chapter 1: Introducing FrontPage 2003.

Chapter 2: Getting Started.

Chapter 3: Creating Your First Web Page.

Book II: Basic Pages.

Chapter 1: Designing Pages with Controls.

Chapter 2: Working with Forms.

Chapter 3: Working with Tables.

Chapter 4: Working with Frames.

Chapter 5: Designing with Templates.

Chapter 6: Working with FrontPage Themes.

Book III: Webs.

Chapter 1: Working with an Existing Web Sit.

Chapter 2: Creating a New Web.

Chapter 3: Using FrontPage Views.

Chapter 4: Creating Navigational Views.

Chapter 5: Using FrontPage Reports Efficiently.

Book IV: Advanced Design.

Chapter 1: Using Cascading Style Sheets.

Chapter 2: Working with Clip Art.

Chapter 3: Adding Multimedia and Components.

Chapter 4: Inserting Office Objects.

Chapter 5: Using Smart Tag Plug-ins.

Chapter 6: Creating Dynamic Web Sites.

Chapter 7: Developing with Security in Mind.

Book V: Databases.

Chapter 1: Creating Interactive Web Pages with Excel.

Chapter 2: Creating Interactive Web Pages with Access.

Chapter 3: Developing Applications with SQL Server.

Book VI: XML and XSLT.

Chapter 1: Working with XML.

Chapter 2: Developing an Interpretation with XSLT.

Chapter 3: Creating Dynamic XML Pages.

Book VII: Scripting.

Chapter 1: Extending a Page with Scripting.

Chapter 2: Creating Your First Scripted Page.

Chapter 3: Working with Cookies.

Chapter 4: Performing Common Scripted Tasks.

Book VIII: VBA Programming.

Chapter 1: Getting to Know VBA.

Chapter 2: Your First VBA Program.

Chapter 3: Storing and Modifying Information.

Chapter 4: Creating Structured Programs.

Chapter 5: Trapping Errors and Squashing Bugs.

Chapter 6: Working with Classes, Arrays, and Collections.

Chapter 7: Working with FrontPage Objects.

Book IX: Advanced Programming.

Chapter 1: Using Active Server Pages.

Chapter 2: Using PHP.

Chapter 3: Working with Web Services.

Chapter 4: Enhancing FrontPage with Visual Studio .NET.


Bonus Material
From here you can download all of the source files used in the book. The download is stored in a compressed ZIP archive.