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Fruit Breeding, Volume 3, Nuts

ISBN: 978-0-471-12669-0 May 1996 288 Pages


This book is the third volume of a three volume reference set that will provide comprehensive information on breeding commercial horticultural crops. In a systematic way, it deals with the history and commercial importance of each fruit, the origin and early development of cultivation, regional characteristics, breeding objectives, and fruit characteristics such as color shape and disease resistance. Volume III deals with, for example, almonds, pecans/hickories, and walnuts.

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Almonds (D. Kester and T. Graziel).

Chestnuts (G. Miller, et al.).

Hazelnuts (M. Thompson, et al.).

Pecans and Hickories (L. Grauke and T. Thompson).

Walnuts (H. Forde and G. McGranahan).