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Fuel Cells and Their Applications

Fuel Cells and Their Applications

Karl Kordesch, Günter R. Simader

ISBN: 978-3-527-60653-5 April 2006 389 Pages


This unique book concerning fuel cells and their applications fills the gap which currently exists between the theoretical aspects and the detailed practical data available. It describes a technology that dates from the early classical discoveries of the 1850s which predicted that direct energy conversion of chemical energy into electricity with fuel cells would be far more efficient at lower temperatures than with combustion processes.

The importance of fuel cells for energy saving purposes is emphasised. Their applications are wide-ranging with use found in local stations and power plants, in industry for the highly efficient conversion of waste and biomass materials and in carbon dioxide reduction in all fossil-fuel-burning processes. Unique features highlighted include their importance in spacecrafts and their development for affordable implementation in electric cars. The most recent scientific publications and manufacturer's brochures have been screened in order to bring together the state- of-the-art technology of fuel cells.
Readers at all levels including chemists, physicists, chemical engineers ry technologists and students will appreciate this comprehensive overvie ind the clarity of numerous graphs and tables highly valuable.
Worldwide R&D efforts
Theoretical and technical background
Thermodynamics and electrochemistry
Selection of matrerials and catalysts
Different types of fuel cells
Low and middle temperature types
Specific cells
Integrated system technology
Utility systems
Space power systems
Regenerative systems
Worldwide technical programs and projects
Demonstration systems
Medical uses