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Fullerenes: Chemistry and Reactions

Fullerenes: Chemistry and Reactions

Andreas Hirsch, Michael Brettreich, Fred Wudl (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-3-527-60349-7

Apr 2005

440 pages


In this handbook, the leading experts in the field presents important and fundamental aspects of the organic and organometallic chemistry of fullerenes. Naturally they also cover the applications in material and medicinal science for these fascinating molecules.
Completely self-contained, the book is logically arranged such that information is easy to retrieve, and the style lends itself to effortless reading and to learning more about the chemical properties of this family of molecules.
A definitive "must" for everyone working in this ever-expanding sphere.
The Parent Fullerenes
Nucleophilic Additions
Radical Additions
Transition Metal Complex Formation
Oxidation and Reactions with Electrophiles
Principles and Perspectives of Fullerene Chemistry