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Functional Metabolism: Regulation and Adaptation

Functional Metabolism: Regulation and Adaptation

Kenneth B. Storey (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-67557-0

Feb 2005

640 pages



Functional Metabolism of Cells is the first comprehensive survey of metabolism, offering an in-depth examination of metabolism and regulation of carbohydrates, lipids, and amino acids. It provides a basic background on metabolic regulation and adaptation as well as the chemical logic of metabolism, and covers the interrelationship of metabolism to life processes of the whole organism. The book lays out a structured approach to the metabolic basis of disease, including discussion of the normal pathways of metabolism, altered pathways leading to disease, and use of molecular genetics in diagnosis and treatment of disease. It also takes a unique comparative approach in which human metabolism is a reference for metabolism in microorganisms and plant design, and presents novel coverage of development and aging, and human health and animal adaptation. The final chapter reviews the past and future promise of new genetic approaches to treatment and bioinformatics.
This, the most exhaustive treatment of metabolism currently available, is a useful text for advanced undergraduates and graduates in biochemistry, cell/molecular biology, and biomedicine, as well as biochemistry instructors and investigators in related fields.


Chapter 1: Principles of Metabolic Control (William C. Plaxton).

Chapter 2: Enzymes: The Basis of Catalysis (Stephen P.J. Brooks).

Chapter 3: Enzymes in the Cell: What’s Really Going On? (Stephen P.J. Brooks).

Chapter 4: Signal Transduction Pathways and the Control of Cellular Responses to External Stimuli (Justin A. MacDonald).

Chapter 5: Tyrosine Phosphorylation and the Control of Cellular Information (Justin A. MacDonald).

Chapter 6: Control of Transcription in Eukaryotic Cells (William G. Willmore).

Chapter 7: Translational Controls and Protein Synthesis in Eukaryotic Cells (William G. Willmore).

Chapter 8: The Mitochondria: Powerhouse of the Cell (Kyra J. Cowan).

Chapter 9: Human Energy Metabolism in Health and Disease (Steven C. Greenway).

Chapter 10: Hormones in Human Metabolism and Disease (Steven C. Greenway)

Chapter 11: Skeletal Muscle Metabolism and Plasticity (Denis R. Joanisse).

Chapter 12: Oxygen in Biology and Biochemistry: Role of Free Radicals (Marcelo Hermes-Lima).

Chapter 13: Oxidative Stress and Medical Sciences (Marcelo Hermes-Lima).

Chapter 14: Biochemical Adaptation (Kenneth B. Storey).

Chapter 15: Oxygen Limitation and Metabolic Rate Depression (Kenneth B. Storey and Janet M. Storey).

Chapter 16: Mammalian Hibernation: Biochemical Adaptation and Gene Expression (Kenneth B. Storey and Janet M. Storey).

Chapter 17: Cold Hardiness and Freeze Tolerance (Janet M. Storey and Kenneth B. Storey).

Chapter 18: Aspects of Blood Cell Biochemistry: Erythrocytes, Platelets, and Stem Cells (Jean E. Grundy).

Chapter 19: Organ Preservation for Transplantation (Thomas A. Churchill).

Chapter 20: Metabolic Evolution and the Origin of Life (Tolga Bilgen).

"What distinguishes this book form some others is the thoroughness and breadth of its treatment of subjects, its authority, its academic approach, and the sense of excitement that it engenders." (Annals of Biomedical Engineering, June 2006)

" true to the fundamentals and recent developments in metabolic research and points the way to future, deeper convergence of metabolism and genetics." (American Journal of Human Biology, July/August 2005)

"…this book offers a wide menu of interesting is a highly recommended read for anyone interested in integrative biology." (Clinical Biochemistry, June 2005)

"Storey and other contributors...have created an exceptional volume, looking at this process and its effect on living beings." (E-STREAMS, April 2005)

"...valuable reading for students and researchers alike. It established an essential integrative and comparative mentality...and is an encyclopedic source for researchers…" (The Journal of Experimental Biology, March 2005)