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Fundamentals of Atmospheric Radiation: An Introduction with 400 Problems



Fundamentals of Atmospheric Radiation: An Introduction with 400 Problems

Craig F. Bohren, Eugene E. Clothiaux

ISBN: 978-3-527-60837-9 August 2006 490 Pages


Meeting the need for teaching material suitable for students of atmospheric science and courses on atmospheric radiation, this textbook covers the fundamentals of emission, absorption, and scattering of electromagnetic radiation from ultraviolet to infrared and beyond. Much of the contents applies to planetary atmosphere, with graded discussions providing a thorough treatment of subjects, including single scattering by particles at different levels of complexity. The discussion of the simple multiple scattering theory introduces concepts in more advanced theories, such that the more complicated two-stream theory allows readers to progress beyond the pile-of-plates theory.
The authors are physicists teaching at the largest meteorology department in the US at Penn State. The problems given in the text come from students, colleagues, and correspondents, and the figures designed especially for this book facilitate comprehension.
Ideal for advanced undergraduate and graduate students of atmospheric science.

* Free solutions manual available for lecturers at
1. Emission: The Birth of Photons
2. Absorption: The Death of Photons
3. Scattering: The Life of Photons
4. Radiometry and Photometry: What You Get and What You See
5. Multiple Scattering: Elementary
6. Multiple Scattering: Advanced
7. Polarization: The Hidden Variable
8. Meteorological Optics: The Reward

Free solutions manual available for lecturers at
"... a highly enthusiastic and useful book ... highly recommended." CHOICE
  • based directly on course notes used for many years at PennState University
  • Problems, references and suggestions for further reading at the end of every chapter inspired by students' questions
  • design of figures especially for book eases comprehension
  • stepwise didactical approach improves the understanding of topics
  • thorough treatment of subjects at different levels of complexity: multiple scattering theory starts with piles of plates then on to two-stream theory
  • written by well-known US authors